Best Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

Google Adsense Revenue sharing Sites are those special website that shares Google Adsense revenue with their members. To Earn from these websites using Google Adsense you have to become member of such sites and you have to start contributing on the website. Different Websites have their own Policy of Google Adsense Sharing Program. So, Read them carefully before Participating. Following are the Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites.

Hubpages.Com: Hubpages allow you to write articles based on your interest and also allow you to make money if you have Google Adsense account. You can also earn from other programs on HubPages like kontera, ebay, Amazon.

IndiaStudyChannel IndiaStudyChannel is a education based website where you will get 90% of Google Adsense revenue. In this website there are many sections where you can participate and make money from Google Adsense.

DotNetSpider.Com: DotnetSpider is a website related to Microsoft Dot Net. If you are a Microsoft Dot Net Professional or learning then you can participate in this website and can earn money from Google Adsense Revenue.

MyWindowsClub.Com: MyWindowsClub is one stop place to improve your Microsoft Windows Knowledge. You can share and discuss anything about Microsoft Windows operating system and can make revenue from Google Adsense.

Flixya.Com: Flixya is also a Google adsense Revenue sharing site. You can upload photos, videos and create blogs to earn 100% Google Adsense Revenue sharing Program. You can earn 100% of Google Adsense Revenue from Trend Hunter. From Yousaytoo you can make money from Google Adsense revenue sharing program and with Amazon affiliates too. They offers 50% of Adsense revenue share. offers 50% of Google Adsense Revenue sharing. You can start making money from Google Adsense after writing posts and adding bookmarks.


  1. It is a good one anyways thanks for this list. I will try them in the future when i have the time.

  2. They can also use articleplot. If you submit original content you can write there.

  3. Adsense revenue sharing is good, as far as it wont void TOS. Thanks for letting us know about the sites.

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      Thanks Navin for your comment. How many revenue sharing sites you are using? Do you want to add few new sites here in the list?

  4. Swamykant says:

    Excellent. I know most of these sites but I have not tried anything yet.. what about you ?

  5. Mohammed AbdelKarim says:

    what do you think the best website to use is

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      You can participate in any one. But the main idea behind making more with Google adsense is, you have to be active every day and contribute quality information.

  6. Hi Pankaj,

    You need to updated your article. Trendhunter, Flixya and Yousaytoo no longer share revenue with members. tendhunter has stopped its revenue sharing program a year ago while Flixya and Yousaytoo have been banned by Google.

  7. I would to ask if you join a site that offers adsense revenue sharing, does it still requires people to click on your ads when you make a post there?

    Hoping for your quick and kind reply on this question.

    • PankajGupta says:

      Once you made a post in a revenue sharing site then depending on the clicks & impressions you will get paid. So, those clicks may come from visitors of that website or members of that website but not from you.

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