How to Stop Unwanted Notification Email From Orkut

If you are getting lots of email alerts in your inbox from Orkut when some one have added you as a friend or your friend have posted a scrap in your scrapbook or your friend have done something and you got tired of deleting all those emails every time then you can manually restrict Orkut and you will not receive those notification emails in your inbox. Read the steps told below to stop receiving those notification emails from Orkut.

How to Stop Notification from Orkut

Login into your Orkut Account with your user name and password. After login see on the right top. You will see an option of settings. Click on Settings.  It will Open Orkut Settings Window Box. Click on Notification tab from that window box. Now,Select those option on which you want to receive and deselect all other options. Finally Click on save button.

From now onwards, you will never receive those unwanted notification emails from your Orkut Account.

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