How to Avoid Disabling of Approved Google Adsense Account

Many Publishers and webmasters are not having Google adsense account because of some problems related to their website. They are trying every possible way to get approval from Google adsense but unfortunately they are not able to get approval. So, Make sure you are doing any thing wrong with your approved Google adsense account otherwise Google is very strict about wrong activities. If you are doing any thing wrong with your Google Adsense account to make more money every day then you are going to loose your account. Read all the important points below and make sure that you are not involved in any of the following activities. Otherwise, after loosing your Google adsense account, it will become very difficult to get approval from Google adsense on your website because according to Google adsense if your Google Adsense account is disabled then you have to wait for 6 months before reapplying for the Google adsense account.

Participating in Traffic Exchange Programs

If you have added Google ads on your website then you should not participate in any traffic exchange programs to increase the traffic on your website to earn more money from Google adsense. According to Google terms and conditions, It is totally against to T&C of Google Adsense to participate in Traffic Exchange Programs if you are showing/using Google adsense on your website. If you are not using Google Adsense ads then you can participate in traffic exchange programs to increase traffic. For any Google adsense alternatives, make sure and read their T&C before using Traffic Exchange Programs to get more visitors on your website.

Using Similar Ads related to Google Adsense

According to Google adsense, you can use as many as advertisements on your website with Google adsense but make sure that the other advertisement programs which you are using should not look like Google adsense, otherwise it can become a reason of rejection of your Google adsense account. Better to use less ads if you are using Google adsense because it can lower Google adsense earning.

Private Policy and Terms Condition Page on your Website

Every website which is running Google Adsense ads then they all should have their own Private Policy and T&C Pages on their website. If you have not yet created a page of private policy and T&C for your website then Google adsense have rights to disable your current approved adsense account.

Illegal Contents on Website

Google is totally against illegal contents. So if you are posting any illegal contents like hacking, phishing etc.. then it will cause the disabling of your Google adsense account. Never use hacking, cracking or illegal words in your posts. Always write self written rich contents to increase your Google adsense earning.

Fraud Clicks on Google Adsense

Google is very smart to detect fraud clicks. If you are getting fraud clicks on your google ads then google will not give credits to your earning but if you are involved in those fraud clicks then your account will be disabled by google adsense. So, Make sure that you are not clicking on your own ads. If you have any doubt on fraud clicks or if you are thinking that you have got some fraud clicks then immediately contact to Google adsense team or ask your doubt in Google webmaster forum. Fraud Clicks involved following activities and you must avoid the following activities.

A) Never ask or tell your friends to click on your google ads because google is very smart of detect fraud clicks made on your google ads and then your google adsense account may get disabled.
B) Never use any automatic scripts that will keep clicking on your Google ads to increase your google adsense earning.

Google ads on Blank Pages

Never add Google adsense on blank pages and promote that page to increase google adsense earning because it is totally against to the T&C of Google adsense and your account will be disabled by Google Adsense.


  1. Nandan Narula says:

    Had applied for Google Adsense around 2 months back, but i received a rejection mail stating that the links are broken. I doubt whether i will be registered if i submit it again or not. Also, can you throw some light as to what are broken links and how can we fix that problem.

    • PankajGupta says:

      Broken Link is a link of your website which is not existing. Suppose you have written any post and deleted it after some time and if Google will find this link then it will considered as a broken link. There are many Broken Link Checkers websites are present. One of the site is . Open and run for a scan and at the end it will tell you about broken links. First of all, Fix all your broken links of your website and then apply it again. I have written one post and it will help you. How to Avoid Rejection of Google Adsense Application

  2. reply immediately
    I have a disapproved adsense account which can’t delete
    Now I applied for adsense using a different email address which meet their criteria under review (I think it will become successful)
    Is there any problem in keeping the disapproved account?

    • PankajGupta says:

      There is no issue. If your adsense is disapproved then you can not use it. But using that email id you can enjoy the services like mails or others.

  3. ayusch jain says:

    how to delete disapproved adsense account.
    my account was disapproved because of page type –
    i got a mail like –
    error – page type
    your website should own a top level domain like and not
    But i have a blog whoes address is
    would you please help me setup my adsense account please….
    i would be really greatfull to you….:)

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      You already got the reason of disapproval. So, you have to buy a domain name and attach it will blogger and apply again after few months.

      Also I have noticed that you have just 3 post and you are applying for adsense. You will not get approval. Try to build more content before applying again.

  4. How to Protect my site from invalid clicks?

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      There is no way you can protect your site from invalid click. Because who is clicking intentionally, no body can say. You can block the IP of that user, if you the doubt on any one. 

  5. Can I create another adsense acc which is near to my previously disapproved account such as usr name & Address

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      It’s a debate whether you can not have same address and contact details while applying for another account. Because for some users, they have got approval and for many, disapproval. So, apply at your own risk.

  6. sanjeev sharma says:

    Sir firstly my adsense account was disapproved then after some time it was approved but when i sign in to my account then they said me to resbmit my address. After resubmitting i got an email again then my acount was disapproved. Now when i am signing in to my account then it is written that my account is not active and is under review.

  7. Tollywood says:

    You should use word DISABLE instead of DISAPPROVED because adsense account is said to disapproved when it is not accepted and we use disabled when it is banned by google after approval

  8. Thanks for the post i got my adsense approved after a long period of time. so i will take care of your words.

  9. i have a blog for this blog i have tried google adsense several times but dont understand why its been rejected every time. . . look at the matter and tell me why is this happening

  10. Ajay kumar says:

    Plz help my adsense application disapprove issue : site does not comply with google policies plz review my blog plz help me

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