50+ Ways to Get More Traffic on Website

If you are a blogger or webmaster then getting more traffic on your website day by day will be on the top of your list but HOW? Check out the Following ways to attract lots of targeted traffic on your website and most of them are free. Please share this post if you found it useful.

1: How To get Huge Traffic from writing Guest Posts This Post will Tell you why Guest Blogging is now considered as a source of huge traffic. Read and Share your Views on How to Get Huge Traffic From Guest Blogging.

2: Unlimited Traffic from Twitter: Unlimited Traffic means you will keep getting visitors from twitter if you are working daily on twitter. Follow these 9 points daily to get huge visitors from twitter.com .

3: Traffic from Yahoo Group: Yahoo Groups are also best place to drive traffic towards our website. Read this Post to drive Traffic on website from Yahoo Group.

4: Traffic From Orkut Orkut is still a huge source of receiving traffic on your website. Read our post to learn how to receive traffic from Orkut to our website blogs.

5: Traffic from Ping Pinging website is a good way to get indexed in Search engines quickly and finally it help website to get more traffic. Read the fifth series for driving traffic towards your website -> Ping Your Website to Get Traffic

6: Learn How to Drive Traffic from Google Images.

7: Read Here How to receive traffic from Blog directories.

8: You can increase traffic to your website by submit articles on top article sites. Since they get quick visitors on new articles then if you are writing good posts then you will also get traffic on your website.

9: You can also submit press release to increase traffic on your website.

10: Get listed in DMOZ and then it will help you to get better position in Search Engine Rankings and you will start receiving traffic on your website from search engines.

11: Participate in Local Classified sites to get local visitors on your website. Search in Google for your local classified sites.

12: Participate in forums. Set your signature and profile URL. Start Participating and you will see traffic rise at your website.

13: Participate in Digg social Bookmarking site to increase traffic.

14: Participate in Stumbleupon to get targeted visitors on your website posts.

15: Use facebook to increase your website traffic. You can share your posts on your profile or can like your posts and it will be shown to all your facebook friends on their wall. Also you can participate in facebook fan page and facebook groups to increase your traffic.

16: Tag your blog at delicious. Try to get 40+ votes on your article and most probably you will get featured on their home page.

17: Use feedburner on your website and request visitors to subscribe to your website updates. Once they will do, you will start getting traffic from their email updates.

18: Participate in blog comments. Find related Blogs based on your website or blog and start commenting. Keep in mind, a good comment can give you better traffic. Avoid spamming on comment area.

19: You can sponsor a charity site and ask them to add your site in their sponsors list and once you got that place, you will keep getting traffic for lifetime.

20: Write Original and rich Contents on your website. Google loves original content and you will get lots of googlers on your website.

21: Add social bookmarking buttons after or before the post because your visitors may share your posts to social bookmarking sites and then you will receive traffic as their followers will visit your website to read it.

22: Create free pdfs and give it to your readers. Once they will download it they will tell it to their friends and then a chain of traffic will start on your blog or website.

23: If you are not able to decide on which topic to write then follow few blogs and start writing on the latest buzz. Avoid Copypaste :)

24: Write Guest posts on other blogs and convert their traffic on your website.

25: Run a contest on regular basis. It will really give you a big boost in traffic.

26: You can also comment on hubpages without registration. Leave good comments their because it will be moderated by the author and once your comment is approved you will get traffic using your link from that post.

27: Learn Search Engine Optimization and follow all SEO Basics. It will help you to send free automatic traffic.

28: Use Yahoo Buzz to promote your articles and receive more traffic from that place because many peoples search latest information on yahoo buzz too.

29: Find some free review website and promote your website their.

30: Write some tutorials on some tutorials sites and get huge traffic on your website. Some tutorial sites show websites of their contributors.

31: Participate in Blogging communities where they allow to post your latest posts and start getting traffic on that sites.

32. Impact of Traffic from Article Site

33 Traffic from Guest Blogging

34 Traffic from Email Subscription Box

35 How to Get Visitors from Search Engines

36 How to get Huge traffic from Yahoo answers

37 How to get Huge Traffic from StumbleUpon.Com.

38 How to Drive Traffic from Twitter.

39 How to Increase Traffic to website for free.

40 How to Increase Alexa Ranking of a website.

41 Hire some dedicated writers for your website or blog and keep adding original and useful content of your website which will help you to get free organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

42 Don’t forget to check your analytics report. See the list of keywords using which your website is getting visitors. If you are getting different kind of keywords that are not related to your website then I will suggest you to write articles on those keywords which will bring huge traffic on your website.

43 If you are using wordpress or any blogging platform, then I will suggest you to add tags not less than 3 words. It will help your website to get traffic based on those tags. Always try to add related tags based on your post.

44 Try to be first commenter on your niche related blogs. You will get huge traffic from those posts. Make sure those blogs are getting good enough traffic.

45 Try to use CommentLuv Plugin on your wordpress blog that will encourage other bloggers to write good comments on your posts and indirect you are bringing targeted traffic on your website daily.

46 You can sponsor charity sites and they may link back to your website that will bring more traffic on your website.

47 You can create PDF of your posts and can submit it to free document sharing sites and you will get more traffics with no cost involved.

48. 3 Ways to Drive Traffic on Coupon Blog ( Guest Post )
49. 7 Tips to Make Traffic Building lot easier ( Guest Post )
50. Increase Website traffic using SEO ( Guest Post )
51. Participate in LinkedIn Groups and share your blog posts with the members. More you engage, you the traffic you will receive.
52. Read all the 51 ways from top and see how many of them you still remember.
53. Don’t Just Read. It’s execution time ! Wishing you a Load of traffic.

So, Hope you have found new ways to attract lots of targeted traffic on your website.


  1. Vivek Parmar says:

    impressive work nice interlinking of blog posts. didn\’t know that yahoo buzz also offering traffic to site. look forward to get something from that. thanks for sharing

  2. I have been using Bookmarking Sites, but it has not helped me much. Can you provide some more tips to make my links popular on these bookmarking sites

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      You have to increase friend circle on these social bookmarking sites and ask them to bookmark your posts too.

  3. Advertising or uploading tutorial videos in youtube also helps to get some traffic!

  4. Gayleg zangmo says:

    Thank you very much. I was almost lost my hope when I visited your website. I got a ray of hope and i want to try all the tactics mentioned above.Once more thank you…

  5. Thank you very much for this fantastic post Sir !!!

  6. Ritvik Gautam says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome compilation. This is all what I had been looking for. This would surely help me and others like me who look out for some fame for their websites and blogs.


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