Get Huge Traffic From Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is not a new concept for getting traffic on your own website from more popular websites or blogs. Earlier Paid blogging was in huge demand. Paid blogging is basically a type of blogging where blogger will ask money to write on your blog and sometime it is good to. Paid blogging is very useful if you don’t have idea to write on a topic.

But now days, Guest Blogging is becoming very popular among bloggers. For Guest Blogging, basically you have to search blogs who allows Guest authors to post on blogs. There will be some set of rules which you have to follow before you can write a Guest post.

I have written 7 points you should remember before posting your Guest article on my previous post. In this post I have written about 7 points that can increase traffic to your website more than your expectation. You must read this post before you publish your post on any other website as a Guest post.

You might be thinking how writing a blog post on other website can increase traffic on my website? Then I can tell you that not only traffic you will get, you will also get reputation amongst the reader of that blog and they will sure visit your blog atleast once to read what you generally write and if they liked your blog posts then they can subscribe as well, which you give you traffic whenever you will publish a blog post on your website. If you want to know then read this post telling about How Feed Subscribers are useful to get more traffic.

Writing a Guest blog post is so powerful to get good amount of visitors on your blog which you cannot generally get in one week or one month. But you should write posts on a popular website. Suppose you have written a blog post of nearly 900 words in a very popular blog where thousands of visitors are reading that blog, the moment your blog post become live on that blog, from that time you will start getting visitors from that website.

First of all, the visitors will start reading your post and once they liked it then they will start sharing it on twitter, facebook, stumbleupon and other networking sites where they can. It means more than 5 to 10 times of visitors will read your blog post.

Suppose a website is getting 1000 visitors daily then most of them will submit your blog post to their favorite bookmarking and networking sites which will convert this 1000 visitors to 10,000 visitors or even more. Now you can imagine the power of Guest blog. 10,000 readers reading your blog in one day then I am sure you will get 1000 visitors at least and this might be much more than the visitors you are getting on your blog. I have just assumed 1000 visitors coming on your blog post. This number can be huge and will keep increasing based on your blog post.

Now it depends on your writing style to attract much more readers towards your blog. If you have done a guest post related to a product or service then you can assume the number of readers as customers you can get with a free Guest Post. So, think in every possible way to get more traffic and to convert them to customer of your website.

Hope this long post make some sense after reading and if it does, then please share your views on this post. If you have ever written any Guest Blog post then please share your blogging experience with Us here.Keep enjoying reading this post and share with all your friends on facebook and twitter using the tools above. Thank You.


  1. Brad Harmon @ Big Feet Marketing says:

    Great portrayal of the traffic benefits from guest posting on a popular site, Pankaj. As you point out, it’s not just the traffic from the site, but the increased likelihood that your guest post will be widely shared through the social media accounts. This multiplicative factor cannot be underestimated in driving traffic and back links to your site.

    Thanks again for painting this picture so effectively for us. I’m off to check out your other post on guest posting now. See you there. ;)

  2. Pavan Somu says:

    Even we can get solid backlink other than traffic

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