Submitting Article to Article Sites Will Not Drive Traffic to Site

You might have read everywhere like in discussion forums or in blog post that submitting self written original and rich articles on different article directory can help you to get more and more traffic on your website and many users are doing the same. They are submitting hundreds of self written contents on different article directories to get more visitors.

Suppose you have already submitted more than 100 self written and original articles on different article sites then I would like to ask one question “How much traffic have you received till now?” If you have written 100 posts then might be you have received 2000+ visitors on your blog. Is it so?

But have you ever thought if you have written all those 100+ articles on your websites then how much traffic you have received on your website. No Idea? I can tell you one thing, you might have got more than 10,000 visitors only from Google search engine. Yes, it is true because I have already got experience from one of my post made in the beginning of this month.

I have written an article related to sports in the first week of this month. Before that post I was getting maximum 100 visitors daily from search engines, since this website is new so getting that much organic visitors is good. But after writing that sport article on my blog, it has got more than 1700 unique visitors in less than 30 days of its posting. Now daily it is getting more than 100 visitors alone from Google search engine.

What If I have written same article on any article site and given my website link at the end. How much traffic I have received from that? Any Idea? I do not think that I had got more than 500 visitors at all. So, You can now see and feel the difference to make your website popular.

One article have changed the amount of traffic on my website then think what will happen when I will start posting 100 good articles every month. I will start getting hundreds of visitors daily on every posts.

As we all know that Google likes Original and rich content. Google usually indexed Original Contents very quickly and it starts showing it from that moment itself on related keyword searches.. It does not matter where you have posted the post. There is no such priority concept of getting indexed quickly if you have posted it on your blog or if you have posted on article sites. Only the difference is the indexing speed of Google. Some People may think that submitting their articles on articles sites will help that post to indexed in Google quickly and hence I can receive more traffic on my blog. But it may or may not be true.

If you have followed On Page Optimization for Your Website then Google will index your website post within few minutes after posting your content. You can read here to know How to get indexed your website within 1 day if it is not yet indexed and believe me this was the starting post on my blog and from that time I am telling everyone to follow the steps told in this Post. After following those steps, my blog posts are getting indexed in maximum 5 minutes after posting and since I am getting indexed in 5 minutes so my blog post is start getting traffic from search engines.

So what you will prefer now Submitting 100 unique articles on article directory sites and getting 1000 visitors or posting it to your own blog and getting 10000 visitors? Believe me if you are submitting 100 unique posts every month on your own blog then you can get huge huge traffic on your blog which you can never get from any article directory website.

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Please share your views here if you are either agree or against it. We can discuss here to get our doubts clear. It is directly or indirectly going to benefit ourselves and then we can get huge visitors to our own website or blog and we don’t have to depend on any article directory website. Thank You.

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