How to Drive Lots of Traffic to Your Website From Twitter

Social Media websites are playing a huge role for making websites popular within less time. Earlier it was very difficult for the webmasters to popular their website. Either they have to go for lots of advertisement or wait for organic traffic. In either ways it was taking lots of time. But now it is very easy to make your website popular within less time with the help of social media sites. The only work required is you have to post lots of better and useful information for users daily and after that users will help your website to get popular in less time using one of the best social media site Twitter.

Ways to Get Traffic from

Below are the 9 ways of increasing traffic from your twitter account. Follow these tips on daily manner and you will find that your website traffic is increasing day by day.

Auto Tweeting your New Posts:

There are many websites where you can use your RSS feed and they will automatically publish every new posts of your website to twitter. Once the new update is posted on your twitter account, your followers will start visiting your website.

Tweeting other’s tweet

If you are following twitter profile of same interest then do not forget to re-tweet their useful tweets because once you have started re-tweeting others Tweet then they will also re-tweet your posts and hence you will receive more visitors because your tweet containing website link will be posted on their twitter account and then their followers will visit those links and automatically your website will start receiving traffic from other twitter users.

Use Mention @ keyword in Twitter

Use mention keyword @ while talking with any twitter users or you can simply tag any user into your tweet by simply adding @twitterusername.
For Example: My Twitter Username is pankajguptag so you can add me in your tweets as ” Your message” followed by @pankajguptag.
Mentioning users in your tweet is another way to get more traffic. You may ask how it is possible? Let me tell you in detail. Once you have mentioned one or more twitter users in your tweet then they will easily find your tweet where you have added them. After seeing your tweet they will visit your profile and they may tweet some of your tweets because you have added them in your tweet. Once they have tweeted your tweet then you will receive more visits on your website from their followers.

Setup a Good Twitter Profile Page

Always create an impressive twitter profile page because once a user have visited your twitter profile then depending on your Profile Page they can visit your website also because First Impression is the Last Impression ;) It is good to add a brief description about your website and the link at the end in your twitter profile page.

SEO Friendly Twitter Username

It is always good to use a good twitter username if you want to promote your website using twitter profile page. Once you have created a good twitter username then you can get visitors from search engines coming to your twitter profile page and based on your twitter profile they can visit your website.

Participate Daily in Conversation

The more you will participate in the conversation with the twitter users or your followers, the chance of getting your tweets retweeted will get increased resulting higher traffic on your website.

Whom you Following on Twitter

It is always good to follow users based on your interest because they may retweet your tweets but if you are not following similar users then they will never retweet your posts and hence you can not get more visitors.

Use URL Shortener while tweeting Your Posts:

Twitter allows only 140 characters in tweets so make sure you are giving enough description before posting a link. Because Every twitter users like to read some description initially before visiting any link. So, If you are using URL Shortener then you will get more characters to add in your description which results your tweets as a good information and your followers will surely visit your link.

Write less than 120 Characters

Twitter allows you to write your tweets 140 Character long. But if you are tweeting to get more traffic on your website then it is always prefer to write in less than 120 words because whenever any users will retweet your tweets then there will be chance that he may add some more words and if they will add something more then your link may be removed from that tweet. But if you have written in less word then it will not be removed from the retweet.

If you are following these basics from long time then you might be receiving more traffic. Please share your experience with us.

If you are new twitter user then follow the above points and I am sure you will start getting more traffic. If you have any doubt or you want to ask any question, Please feel free to ask here in comment box. I will be happy to answer your question. Thank You.


  1. iwebsnacks says:


    I have a apple gadgets and news blog but yet not getting any traffic from twitter. Was searching for this steps only. But how much time it exactly take to increase followers. Also, can you tell me the steps to increase my followers.


    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      You can bookmark your websites in social bookmarking sites and also start sharing your website in social media sites. Add Subscription box and promote your article as many places as you can.

  2. Web Factories says:

    With startup sites, I usually do social bookmarking first before joining an online community/social media. Does it make sense doing tweets without any followers, right? :) I am just curious about twitter traffic and impressions for the website that comes from twitter, will google analytics track that as well?

    • PankajGupta says:

      Twitter tweets may not give you good traffic but they can help you get good ranking in Google which indirectly will bring traffic to your website. Social media is now player a major role for websites.

  3. Very interesting article, i will definetly try it out. Does this work if your retweeting from popular titters like g4 or other gaming ppl

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