Secure URL Shortener Make Long URL Short and Safe

Most of the users are using McAfee Antivirus to Protect their system from malware, viruses and various attacks. Now McAfee have launched its Secure URL shortener and it is still in beta version but open for all users, to make safe short URL. This will protect Users from any phishing attacks. If you want to make a secure short URL then will be the best option to convert long URL to short. uses Global Threat Intelligence to protect you. It will first scan that website before serving you.

How to Make Safe Secure URLs in

McAfee URL Shortener

Open website in your browser and you will see above page. Type the website URL which you want to make it short then click on shorten button.
McAfee Secure URL Shortener

Once you have clicked on shorten button it will automatically generate a secure short URL. Once a short secure URL is generated it will become Unique and when ever you will try to short same website URL, you will get the same short URL ;)
McAfee URL Shortener website Preview

Once any user opens that URL, the website will be shown like the above screenshot. It will open the website is frame containing the information like category of that website, whether that website is safe or not.

How to Use URL Shortener to avoid Phishing attacks and scams URL shortener can be used to avoid Phishing attacks and you can do safe surfing online. Read here to know How you can prevent Online Fraud using URL Shortener?

I hope this post was useful to you after reading. Are you using this service? Please Share your views and Post your comments here. Thank You.

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