Avoid Phishing Attacks and Scams Using McAf.ee URL Shortener

McAf.ee URL Shortener is the safest URL Shortener which can help you to protect from various fraud and phishing websites. In this tutorial I will tell you How you can use McAf.ee URL Shortener to protect yourself from Online frauds and Phishing attacks.

Step 1: If you have got any suspicious website link in your email or social networking sites then right click on those links and Select “copy link address”.

Step 2: Open McAf.ee and copy that link to the text box provided here and click on shorten button. It will short that URL. Read this Tutorial on McAf.ee URL Shortener.

Step 3: Open the Shorted URL in your internet browser.

Step 4: If that website is a phishing or fraud website then your browser will redirect you to other page saying that “the website is reported as phishing attack” or similar kind of message you will get.

Step 5: Close that website and never do any thing or share your personal details on that website.

To make you more clear I have converted a phishing site URL to a short URL and it is http://mcaf.ee/c5f94 See the below screenshot.

Now After Creating the Safe short URL when I opened the URL http://mcaf.ee/c5f94 I got an error message in my internet browser. See the screenshot below.

Once you will open this website to see it, then this website will look like eBay website but it is not the official website of eBay. They have created a clone page of ebay. When you will open this website they will simply show you a form showing that eBay have announced to update your credit card information and most of the user will fill this form because they know that eBay is very Popular and secure website. But they are not knowing that they are giving their Credit Card Information to the fraud website. Once they will fill this form, all the information will be sent to the sender and they will soon transfer all your credit card balance and that particular user will suffer a huge lose.

So, In future if you get any suspicious link in your email then do not forget to use McAf.ee Safe URL shortener to prevent yourself from Online Phishing Attacks.

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