Best Way To Increase Free Traffic on Websites

I have written so many posts on getting free traffic on blogs and website in this blog. This Post is roundup of all those posts at one place so that you can learn more ways to bring traffic on your website.

Get Free Traffic on your website: This was the first post on this blog regarding building free traffic on websites. Read here to Bring More Traffic on website.

Increasing Traffic from Social Bookmarking Websites There are many social bookmarking websites which can give you lots of traffic but you have use them effectively. You have to give good title for Bookmarking, Give Good description and select the appropriate category. Read this Article to get traffic from Social Bookmarking sites.

How to Promote Blogs to Get Traffic: Getting Traffic on Blogs is very easy. You have to follow some steps. Read this article to know how you can promote your blog for free.

How to Get Traffic From Twitter Twitter is playing very important role for getting free traffic. Follow these simple steps to get better traffic from twitter.

Traffic from Yahoo Answers: Yahoo Answers are one of the best place to get targeted visitors on your website. Read this article to know to get traffic from yahoo answers.

Traffic From Search Engines: Follow these steps to get traffic from search engines.


  1. Hey there, it is a hard way to get much free traffic to websites. I think there are onll 2 ways to get traffic. 1. You pay for it or 2. You work very hard for it! Greetings from Germany

    • Yes it Depends. If you have huge money then you don’t need to follow any method. Just Pay for advertisements, sit and relax. But Here I am talking about free traffic and everyone have to work to get traffic if they don’t want to invest. :)

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