How to do Better Off Page Search Engine Optimization

In my one post I have discussed about getting backlinks from various source like Article Writing, Blog Posting, Writing as Guest Author, Social Bookmarking, Document Sharing, Forum Participation, Video Sharing, Web 2.0 Pages, Classified Submission, RSS Feed submission. All these methods will give you a backlink but all backlinks are not useful for you to get better ranking in search engines.

We all know that there are two types of backlinks. First one is nofollow backlinks and other one is No-nofollow links. No-nofollow links are also known as dofollow backlinks or follow backlinks.

For Search Engine Optimization, Only no-nofollow links are really important and there is no use or importance of getting nofollow backlinks. The more no-nofollow backlinks, the better position you can get in search engines.

Now, All no-nofollow backlinks are not of much importance. If your website is getting a dofollow backlinks from a website that is not related to your website then search engines will not give much importance on those backlinks. They basically give importance to those dofollow or no-nofollow backlinks which are coming from related website.

The most important point is that if you are getting related dofollow backlinks from the websites which are more popular than your website then your reputation in search engines eyes will increase and it will help your website to get much better ranking.

So, at the end I will conclude that making a dofollow backlinks from related websites which is either popular than your website can help you to get better search engine positioning. Do not work on those websites which gives nofollow backlink. Also, participate on websites which are nofollow free.

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