How To Get Huge Traffic From Yahoo Groups To Our Website

Traffic From Yahoo GroupAccording to Yahoo Groups, It offers free file sharing, mailing lists, group calendars etc. You can Discuss about hot topics, you can share interests also you can join online communities from yahoo groups. Each Yahoo Group is well known place for discussing with large number of peoples who are member of that particular yahoo group. You can send and receive interesting email to and from yahoo group.

How Yahoo Groups Actually Works

Yahoo Group works on a simple principle that once a message is posted in Yahoo group then it will be sent to all the members of that Group. Most of the yahoo groups are moderated by the administrator of each group because if they will not moderate the group then peoples will start spamming by submitting their advertising emails.

How to Get Traffic From Yahoo Group

Just Find Some Yahoo Groups with more number of Users. It will be better if you are joining the Yahoo Groups related to your website. After Joining the Yahoo Group, Start Communicating with the members by posting your first welcome message. Do not try to spam the Yahoo Group in any way otherwise you will loose that group and also you will loose your and your website reputation.

You have to participate in those Groups. Post 1-2 interesting email to yahoo groups and let it be going for 1-2 week initially. It will help you to get some reputation initially from the Group Members.

Once you have become a regular member of the group then start using signature at the end of your email. You can add your website address. Getting Traffic to your website is completely depends on your email format which you are going to send in yahoo groups. The better you will make an email format, the more chance of getting visitors on your website from the link at the end of the email.

You can join as many groups as you can but always become an active member before you start thinking about traffic. Initially you may feel difficulty in getting traffic but once you have become a regular member then member of that yahoo group will remember your website name and at the end you will start getting direct traffic from those users.


  1. its just like using signature in forums nothing new in this :(

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