Get 1000 Backlinks For Yahoo Search Engine Per Day

One Reader have asked a doubt about buying 1000 Yahoo Backlinks in Just $5. I thought it will be beneficial to write about it so that the readers of our blog can know the real fact behind getting yahoo backlinks.

First of All this post is not about selling any services of getting backlinks. This post is just to tell our readers about the fact behind backlinks.

Selling or buying backlinks for getting better rank in search engine are against the search engine policy. Search Engines are very smart to find Paid Links. If Search engines find your website involving in this matter will result your domain banned from search engines completely. Your website will become totally waste after that. So, Never Try to Buy text backlinks for some initial benefits. Always think about long run.

Now coming to the title of this post. Getting 1000 backlinks in yahoo search engine is very easy because Yahoo search engine shows all type of backlinks in site explorer. While we all know the Google only shows dofollow backlinks.

Since Yahoo shows all type of links pointing towards your website as backlinks so there is no issue of getting backlinks for yahoo. The more you will participate in any type of websites, the more you will get those links as backlinks.

Also, If you are working for Google search engine optimization then it will completely give benefit to yahoo search engine too.

So, Do not participate in any type of backlinks marketing. There are already so many articles available on Internet that will tell you to get free backlinks. Read and work according to that.

If you want to ask any question, Feel free to ask it here. Thank You.


  1. Thanks for the awareness pankaj. Good Job :)

  2. Thanks for the info man… :)
    Never buyed any and will not buy also…

  3. Thanks for sharing this Info Pankaj..

  4. That’s right Pankaj. Yahoo! Site Explorer is really helpful in building more backlinks for a website. Its makes SEO easy.

  5. There are plenty of white hat ways to get backlinks rather than buying backlinks. Find some blogs of interest to you, add good quality comments, not \”nice post\”, etc. and many times the blog owner will lift the nofollow attribute. Others search only for dofollow blogs checking the page source code for nofollow on every blog they visit. I don\’t encourage this last method. According to google guidelines, if you participate in blogs adding good content, you will be credited with backlinks.

  6. really true dont go for any sort of backlink building programs dont buy cheap links this will weaken your seo.

  7. This thing called BLOG WALKING. Just correct me if I’m wrong.
    Every day, spare your 10-30 minutes visiting blogs and dropping a comment which link back to your site. If you this consistently, adding 10 comments every day will be 300 backlinks in a month. That’s how you do it for free.

  8. Exactly when you have plenty free resources to connect with blogs why to use this measure…

  9. how it is possible daily 1000 backlink without invest

    • PankajGupta says:

      If you don’t want to invest on backlink building then you have to start backlink building yourself which may take more time and that’s the main reason most of the users opt to invest in backlink building to save their time which they can invest to expand their business.

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