How to Get Huge Targeted Traffic From Orkut Social Networking Site

Are you using Orkut Social Networking site effectively to bring huge traffic towards your website? If yes, then you are really doing great but if you do not know how to bring traffic from Orkut to your website then read the post below and do not forget to post your comment :) .

Way to Receive More Traffic from Orkut to Website Blog
Orkut is one of the best social networking site after facebook and it is still popular amongst million of peoples because of its simplicity. Since the user base is so huge in Orkut therefore you can not ignore Orkut. You have to optimize your time on Orkut so that you can receive traffic on your website.

Traffic from Orkut by Updating Your Status Message

In Orkut You can add maximum 999 friends. It is quite low as compared to facebook but still 999 friends are much than more. As you are seeing in the above screenshot, I have updated my Status message. If you have more friends on Orkut then once you will update your status then it will be visible to all your friends and they may visit your website to see the content in it.

Traffic by Participating in Related Orkut Communities

There are many community existing in Orkut. Go to Orkut Community and search for the related community. Join communities and start participating in the discussions going on there. You can use signature at the end of the message before reply on community. By this you can get traffic from active Orkut Communities. Never Try to spam communities to get traffic. You will be banned permanently from communities.

Get Traffic from Orkut by Creating Orkut Communities

This is similar to the above step. If you are creating your own community and inviting more members to contribute there then they will sure visit the owners website to learn more and day by day the traffic from your own community will start increasing. Try to give useful information to all your Community Members.

Traffic by Sending Related Messages to your Orkut Friends

Orkut is having a feature of arranging your friends in group. Now You can add users in one group, lets name it as website users. Add only those users who are interested and often visit your website to read articles. So, You can send them messages about the new posts of your website and they will sure visit your website. Do not send messages to all because most of the users don’t like non relevant messages.

Receive Traffic by Using Orkut Promote Tool

Orkut have already started Orkut Promote Tool feature where you can promote any thing with all your friends and your friends can also share your update with their friends. It is like a chain and you will keep receiving traffic on your website. To create Promotion in your Orkut account, Login into your Orkut account and then see on the left side bar, you will find an option called Promote. Click on this Option and follow the steps to create your Promotion. Once you have done with this process, it will be shown to your friends wall and once they will share your promotion, It will be updated to their friends wall.

These are the methods for Orkut to get traffic on your website. If you know some other way to get traffic from Orkut then Please share with Us here. Do not forget to leave your valuable comment.

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