Increase Traffic By Pinging Your Website URL to Top Ping Websites

We can not ignore the power of Ping sites over other methods of bringing traffic towards our website. Ping website helps to inform the various search engines, social bookmarking sites about the latest updates done on our website. Once all the social bookmarking websites and search engines come to know about the updates on your website then immediately they will visit your website and crawl or indexed the new contents of your website.

Pinging your website in ping sites really helps a lot to get huge traffic from Google Search Engine. I have seen lots of traffic coming to my website after pinging. Google helps my website to get so much traffic. Actually after pinging my website Google usually do indexing for my website and the new posts which I have written, start coming to top search results for particular search keywords and I start receiving traffic after pinging.

Caution Before Pinging Your Website

You must write original contents before pinging your website because if you have not written original and rich articles then your website is ignored by Google search engine after visiting your website because Google and other search engines only give priority to the Original Contents. Original content also helps to keep our ranking in search engines for long time.

How to Ping Our website to Search Engines

You do not have to do manually. These ping sites will help you to inform the search engines about your website. Most of the Ping sites ask for your website title, website URL and the feed URL or sitemap of your website. Finally you have to select the sites given there, where you want to ping. Just select those websites or select all and click on submit button.

Following is the list of Popular Ping Websites which you can use to Ping your website.

It is good to ping once in a day but do not ping unnecessary otherwise it will be considered as spam by Search Engines and other sites.

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  1. PingLots is website and blog ping service that should be included in this list. It is easy and simple to use.

  2. pinging a site is necessary even though we have a valid sitemap??

    • Sitemap is useful if Google Bot is visiting your website. So, If you are pinging then you are informing Google bots to come to your website and once they are on your website then they will use your sitemap to visit all other posts. So, Both are different and both are important aspect. But do not ping every time. Just ping once a day because excess pinging will be considered as spamming.

  3. But I have something like this in my WordPress to auto ping all posts. Should I do it manually or autopinging can do the job for me.

  4. Technotag says:

    Thank you for support to increase my blog traffic

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