How to Find/Unlock PUK Code of Blocked SIM card of Indian Mobile Phone

Personal Unblocking Code is popularly known as PUK Code. PUK code is required when your SIM card is blocked. All mobile users need PUK code once they have done something wrong with the setting of their mobile phone.  For example you might have changed the settings of your mobile phone using SIM card and done something wrong and your SIM got blocked. After that if you will try to operate any thing in your mobile phone then it will ask you to enter PUK code to unlock the mobile phone. The Blocking of your SIM card is done to prevent any misuse. This will basically happen if you have entered wrong code three times in settings then this is the main reason why your SIM card got blocked by your network operator and at the end you have to enter the PUK code of your SIM card. PUK code number is a unique number for all SIM card.

How to Get PUK code for Vodafone SIM card

You can get the PUK code of any mobile SIM network by just calling on their customer care number. You do not have to talk to customer care to get your PUK code, if you are a Vodafone user. The Computer generated customer care will tell your PUK code. For Vodafone Users, you can get it easily by completing few steps from any other Vodafone user’s mobile. Suppose you have a Vodafone mobile network SIM card then if your SIM is blocked then you can not make a call to even customer care from your mobile. In that case, no need to worry. Just take your friends cell phone if he is having SIM Card of Vodafone. Call to the customer care number.

Ok. Wait.

I will write the complete steps for getting PUK code and you just follow each step from your Vodafone mobile number.

1. For Vodafone, Customer care number is 111. Call to 111.

2. Now Listen to the computer generated voice. You have to press 6 to know about PUK code.

3. Again listen carefully. It will ask you to press 2 to get your PUK code.

4. Once you have pressed 2 then it will ask you to enter the 10 digit Vodafone number.

5. Enter the number of your blocked Vodafone mobile. After you have entered your number it will tell you the PUK code. Write it down on a paper and end the call.

Now you can use this PUK code to unlock your mobile phone. Keep this PUK code at the safe place and use it when ever you get similar kind of problem.

Note: If your SIM is not blocked then better to keep your PUK code from beginning so that if you get into trouble then at that time it will help you. So, follow the above step to know your PUK code and note it into your dairy so that later you can use it.

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  10. you can even use 9885098850

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