How to Boost Traffic on Websites from Google Image Search

Google Images are one of the best source for searching useful images and hence Google Images are best source to drive lots of traffic on your website. Now I will ask you a question “Are you utilizing the feature of Google Images on your website to get lots of unique visitors to your website“? If not, then now you have to take it seriously because you are loosing lots of interested visitors for your website which is really required and essential part of a growing website.

If you are using images in your website then you must optimize it to get visitors for lifetime. Optimizing your images before uploading on website will take maximum 1 mins and this 1 min can bring lots of readers on your website.

You must follow these important points below to get extra visitors on your website.

1. Allow Google Image Bot to Visit your website and Store your Image
You must allow Google Bot to store information related to the images of your website. If you don’t know how to enable Google Image Bot then open your robots.txt file and add these lines and save your robots file.

User-agent: Googlebot-Image
Allow: /*

2. Always Give a Keyword based name to your image
If you are uploading image file related to mobile phones then do not just write the name of image like 001.jpg or any thing else. Just rename it as “mobile name brand.jpg”. So whenever users will search images related to that mobile brand name then it will be shown in the top results and once they will click on that image then it take take them to your website and hence you will start receiving traffic on your website.

You can read this post to optimize your images for search engines:
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3. Always upload small size images to your website
Image size also matters for Google search engine. They will pick only those images which are easier to load and of less size. Preferred image extensions are png and jpg. So, Always check the image extension before finally uploading those files to your website.

I am sure you understood the process of getting traffic from Google images. These simple trick can change the traffic amount on your website. If you want to ask any doubt then please ask it here and also share this post to all your blogger friends so that they can also increase their website traffic with this simple change.


  1. for tech blogs traffic from google image is not necessary even though it is considered as bad traffic

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