First Indian Browser Epic updated to Version v1.2

As we all know that first Indian Browser was introduced in mid July 2010. You can read the tutorial about First Indian Browser Epic Browser. Nearly after three weeks of their first release they have updated Epic Browser to the latest version i.e. Epic Browser 1.1. Now After two months (approx) they have updated Epic browser to v1.2 with lots of new features and removed lots of existing bugs and much more.

Updates and Changes done for Epic Browser 1.2

1. Epic Browser is updated to Mozilla Firefox 3.6.10 version.
2. Earlier Epic Browser was taking much time in startup but now new version is taking 20% less time than its earlier version.
3. Epic Browser 1.2 have introduced new tabs in sidebar including Facebook, Twitter and Shopping sidebar.
4. Now you can hide the apps sidebar in new Epic Browser 1.2.
5. They have improved the visibility of Minimize, Maximize and Closed Buttons.
6. They have added hundreds of new Skins for Epic Browser.

And lots of other new features added in this new version of epic browser. I will suggest you to update your epic browser. If you do not know how to update epic browser then read this tutorial: Update your Epic Browser to Latest Version
If you are using Epic browser from the first day then you must check these essential epic apps and install it.


  1. Rohit Batra says:

    Epic is a good Indian browser..i had downloaded it wen it’s 1st version was out..but then after sometime i stopped using this update i think it will be much speedy..Thanks for Sharing..

    • PankajGupta says:

      Yes Rohit, the new version is much faster than its earlier version and you can also hide the sidebar. You can read in my next posts to know how to disable sidebar app in epic. :) Thanks for your comment.

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