ZNetLive Vs HostGator India Vs BigRock – Best Domain Name Provider

It’s very important to purchase a domain for your website from a domain registrar that is reliable, trustworthy and has a proven track record of providing quality services. For best domain name provider, you may get many recommendations from many sources but, we suggest that you must evaluate your needs and then analyze which domain registrar is best for your specific needs.

To help you with it, here we compare the best known three domain registrars in India and try to help you in your evaluation process for selecting the best domain registrar. We evaluate all on different parameters and find out their pros and cons.

We have used the most important parameters to judge them – domain registration and renewal pricing, domain order process, domain management interface, additional value added services and technical customer support.

  1. Domain Registration and Renewal Pricing

ZNetLive At present, ZNetLive offers domains at cheapest prices in whole industry and domain renewal is also done at the same price as that of domain registration. Also, ZNetLive provides .COM domains at Rs. 89 only.

BigRock – BigRock may not provide cheapest domain registration still it offers domains at much economical prices, but its renewal prices are higher than registration prices.

HostGator India – HostGator charges comparatively higher price for domain name registration and it even charges much higher prices for domain renewal.

  1. Domain Ordering Process

ZNetLive – ZNetLive’s domain ordering process is very customer-friendly and provides a wide range of suggestions including the latest gTLDs (genric TLDs) offering. It is a self-guiding process and assists the user till the very end of domain order process.

It provides option for purchasing additional services like hosting, but does not include them by default. Privacy protection is included free of cost. Have a look at following screen shot of the process.

BigRock – BigRock’s domain order process is smooth and it also offers new gTLDs but, its downside is that during the process it tries to bundle other services like hosting package, website builder, etc. which you might erroneously add to your cart and end up unknowingly purchasing them.

Even privacy protect tool is added to your cart with an additional price. You have to remove it yourself if you don’t want it. Have a look at following screen shot of the process.

HostGator India – HostGator’s domain order process is very similar to BigRock and it uses the same strategy of wrapping other products during the process like hosting package, website builder tool, etc. Also, new gTLDs are not available at HostGator.

You have to yourself make an effort to remove privacy protect tool from your cart or you might erroneously purchase it. Have a look at following screen shot of the process.

  1. Domain Management Interface

ZNetLive – It has a very good and customer-friendly domain control center that is made as simple as possible and it provides the users with different functionalities like DNS management, domain and email forwarding, etc. Adding more to it, if a user is not comfortable managing the domains, ZNetLive also provides free DNS management service.

BigRock – BigRock’s domain control panel is also good and customer-friendly, but not that good as that of ZNetLive. It provides many functions for domain management and offers managed DNS services for customers not comfortable with domain management.

HostGator India – HostGator’s domain control panel is very much advanced and robust and it allows for easy monitoring and control of your domains. Managed DNS service is not available.

  1. Additional Value Added Services

ZNetLive – ZNetLive offers loads of additional value added services with each domain name without any additional charges. These services include 2 e-mail accounts, INR 2500 promotional Google AdWords credit, WhoisGuard Privacy protection and a Domain Reseller account.

BigRock – BigRock also offers few value added services including 2 e-mail accounts, domain theft protection and Google AdWords credit worth INR 2000 is provided with an additional charge of INR 500.

HostGator India – HostGator offers no free value added services. For additional services, an additional price is charged.

  1. Technical Customer Support

ZNetLive – It has an in-house technical customer support system that is very good, works 24×7, has a customer-friendly approach and instantly solves most technical issues. It can be reached via three channels – phone, email and live chat.

BigRock – It also has a very good and reliable customer support that ensures 24 hour availability and helps customers with a very friendly approach.

HostGator India – Its customer support is really great and highly customer-oriented that is always available to help customers at each and every step.


In this comparison, we have covered all the aspects that span from technical features to customer focused services. After the evaluation, we found that if you buy domain name, ZNetLive is the best domain registrar among the top three as it outperforms both BigRock and HostGator India on most of the points – economical pricing, very useful additional services and an excellent interface and technical support.

Among BigRock and HostGator, BigRock is better as its services are fairly good than HostGator on most points. BigRock’s services fared just second to ZNetLive on certain points else, it is an awesome domain registrar.

HostGator India doesn’t fare better than ZNetLive and BigRock, but still it is a better domain registrar than most others new ones when it comes to providing quality services.

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