Verify Simple Machine Forum (SMF) XML Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools [Solved]

You must submit your forum sitemap to Google webmaster tools for better & quick indexing. In this tutorial, I will show you how easily you can add sitemap for your Simple Machine Forum SMF v2.0.2 and then verify it in Google webmaster tools. BTW verifying sitemap for SMF forum in Google webmaster tool is not so easy due to URL structure.

First of you, download this SMF SEO Mod which is compatible with SMF 2.0+ versions. This is one of the popular XML sitemap for latest SMF version. I am personally using it on my forum Now, install this mod in your forum and activate it. Once activated and applied the required settings, you can see sitemap link at the bottom of the page like shown below.

Now if you can see those links,  you can click on links to copy your XML urls. Make sure it is similar to the format shown below. Otherwise better to open this link :;xml ( replace with your own website name). You can also find this custom SMF link for your forum on the sitemap page. (See the bottom and click on XML Sitemap link).

Now once you have opened this sitemap url for your website, you will see a list of xml sitemap link for your SMF forum boards. Now copy individual links and submit them to Google webmaster tool one by one. After submission, your Google Webmaster page will look like :

Finally SMF sitemap is successfully added in Google webmaster tools account. Now you will see faster indexing from Google and also you may see the spikes in traffic. Hope you learned how to verify the sitemap of SMF Forum in Google Webmaster tool. You can also submit the same xml sitemap URL in Bing search engine.


  1. this looks very sadly unnecessary, nobody wants to do this

  2. Yogesh Patel says:

    Simple Machine Forum is one of the finest script and one question do you see any positive results after submitting the sitemap of your forum?

  3. Pavan Somu says:

    I think this will help to get index more faster.

  4. Will this also work for SMF 2 RC2 ?

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