How to Push Domain Name in Netfirms to other user

Today we are going to learn How to push your existing domain name in Netfirms to other netfirms users. Netfirms have a different kind of website structure compared to other domain name providers. But it’s having one of the simplest structure. Only one thing which you can’t find in Netfirms admin panel is how to push your domain name. Other domain name providers have dedicated option to push domains to the users where you just need to know the customer id and email address of the other user but in Netfirms it is totally different.
Please make a note that, both users have to be online on the same time when domain transfer is going to happen because there is a risk of losing the domain name in the process. So, Once you are ready login to your netfirms account, go to domain central page as shown in the screenshot.
Now click on the domain name and under overview tab, click on “remove domain from account” link. This will remove/delete this domain name from your account.
So, once this process is done, tell the other user to add the same domain name from his netfirms domain central. To do this, tell him to go to domain central page and enter the domain name is the add domain name box on the top and select Add existing domain checkbox and finally click on Add button. Once the process is done, the domain will be added to his account. Check the following screenshot.
So, this is the only process to push domain name to other user in Netfirms. Hope you understood the complete process of pushing the domain name. If you have any doubt, please ask.


  1. A very informative post!! Thanks for providing this step by step guide for fulfilling the task.

  2. Hi Pankaj, I read a bit on netfirms after reading this blog post. Seems they were doing great until they were purchased. A lot of users suffered rankwise and also lost a lot of files. The customer support also tanked.
    That being said, you have given a nice step-by step information that many are bound to find useful. Thank you!

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