Check Whether You are Eligible For Google Adsense Email Support

Although Google Adsense blog have not yet officially posted about this new feature of Google Adsense but according to new adsense help page you can contact Adsense team via email but before you can do that, you must pass one test.

Publishers earning more than US$25 (or local equivalent) per week on a consistent basis will be eligible for email support, which they can request via a form in the Help Center. Publishers can see if they qualify for email support and contact one of our specialists by visiting How can I contact AdSense support?

We look at earnings over the past 5 weeks and focus on longer-term earning trends when assigning support level. This helps prevent publishers from moving between support options too frequently. Publishers who have fluctuations in their earnings that take them above and below US$25 per week may not qualify for higher levels of support until earnings are consistently above US$25.

So, If you are earning USD $25 or more from past 5 weeks then you can get Adsense email support. To check whether you are eligible or not, open this link.

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A) If you are not a Google Adsense Publisher

If you don’t have Google Adsense account then after visiting the above link, you will get the following error message.

The Google Account you’re signed in to is not associated with an Adsense account or application.

So, in this case you can not check the eligibility because you don’t have an Adsense account. You can apply for Adsense account if you don’t have one from the Sign up for Adsense button on the same page.

 B) You’re a Google Adsense Publisher

If you are a Google Adsense publisher and getting USD 25$ per week from last 5 weeks then you will get the following notification message as shown in the following screenshot:

The Google Account you’re signed in to is associated with an Adsense account that is eligible for email support.

Once you see this message then you can go down to the page to see the link for email support. Click on that contact link and ask your queries with Adsense team. Also, you will get the response within 2 days from Google Adsense team.

Once you have clicked on the above email support link, you will get the similar form which you can fill to get support via email.

This at present is a silent feature from Google Adsense. It is yet to be announced officially on but you can contact via email if you’re eligible.

So, Are you Eligible for Google Adsense email support?


  1. Woww. I think it will be useful for many of the adsense publishers to get premium support from adsense team. Thanks for sharing such an awesome update Pankaj.

  2. in how many days adsense pin reached to publishers?

  3. Wow ! Wonderful step from Google Adsense team. I am eagerly waiting for Official

  4. Jessica Johnson says:

    Thanks for the article — I didn’t know Google had eMail support for AdSense.

  5. Mas Hgnis says:

    Thanks it’s useful.

  6. Nizam Khan says:

    Awesome! This seems to be great news for Adsense publishers, they can be benefited by this email support. Thanks Pankaj for sharing :)

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