Mute Users to Stop Unwanted Notifications in Google Plus

Now a days, I am getting lot of notifications in my Google Plus account and most of them are a kind of spam where the user intentionally want me to read his posts which I really don’t like. They might be circling everyone in hope to receive more traffic on their blog or comment for that update but this is a way to increase a negative reputation. Google plus have a nice page for updating the status i.e. via Google+ stream. If we update anything publicly then it will be visible to everyone and that should be the ethical way ;) to share post with your readers.

Sometime it is more strange when I get notifications from those users whom I never talked or circled on Google Plus :D.  If you really want to ask or share something with me, tag me in that update instead of circling me.

If you want to remove such notifications from the same users in future, you can mute the user.  Muting is the best option because one side you will not receive notifications from that user and on other side you can read all his updates via your stream page or by visiting his profile. So, Once you muted that user you will never get any notification.

To Proceed, visit the profile of the user. Go to the right sidebar of the profile page of that user where you will see an option called “Mute Username” as shown in the above image. Click on that link and it will open a popup as shown below. You can click on Mute button to mute that user to avoid future notification.

Once you have muted a user, you can unmute that user any time in future by visiting his profile and clicking on Unmute link as shown in the following image.

Hope you learned the process of muting users on Google plus to avoid unwanted notifications from their side. BTW, what you do when you get such notifications? Do you really think that user should think before circling their updates?


  1. I don’t necessary want to mute certain people, however I’m getting a bit annoyed by notifications as well! Like you said, some of them are complete “spam” and I’m even getting an email about them as well.
    Do you know where I could manage the notifications?


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