5 Ways to Improve your Writing Skills Day by Day

Google Panda, Google Penguin and I don’t know how many are yet to come. For a blogger, the primary target is loyal audience who makes up the traffic. There are quite a lot things that are actually responsible directly or indirectly. Design, Content, Colors, Quality, Readability, Interaction, Response and what not? All these counts in when you talk about readership on your blog.

Even the Google animals concentrate much on quality content besides the blackhat techniques and all. Having quality content on your site will always benefit you in all possible ways. They bring you more traffic, you’ll have no penalty from Google, increased readership and even more members in your list. But remember, you can enjoy all these if and only if you are successful in producing rich content for your blog. I know, you’ve been blogging. And so if someone is a blogger, he is already a writer. To be a writer, it’s not an easy job. If you’ve been struggling with your writing and been searching for ways to improve your writing skills, here I am with this post.

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Always remember, reading is the best way to enhance your writing. When you read different books by different authors, you’ll get to know the usage of the same English language in different ways. One might write the same topic in a humorous way and the other might include a suspense in it. So the more you read, the better the chances of improving your writing. I strongly suggest you to read books that use typical and complex language. It’s an awesome way to have a knowledge on the usage of language.

Write An Essay

Choose a random topic that is around you and start writing on the topic without losing the flow. Let everything come out of you. When you start writing on a random unknown topic, you can write about everything, literally. This is how I actually got interested in writing. After getting my first prize in an essay writing competition, with enough encouragement from my teacher, I started writer better.

Sharpen Your Creativity

Creativity also matters a lot in bringing a well written article to the front end. To do so, bring out the creative side of yours.

Write About A Picture

You might be wondering that besides the first tip, everything I wrote till word are asking you to write, isn’t it? Actually, writing continuously can also help you in improving your writing skills. Now, pick out a random image from a newspaper, comic book or internet and start writing whatever you can. Make sure, the content is relevant to the image. This can also brighten up the creative side of yours.

Have A Personal Blog

If you are a tech blogger, you will be writing about the same stereotypical tech topic and so any niche blogger. Personally, I own four blogs which concentrate on different topics each including a personal blog of mine. But believe it or not, even I get no benefits from a personal blog, I enjoy writing for my personal blog. Say, I am vexed of writing about the same things all day long. But I just love writing for my personal blog. On a personal blog, you get a chance to express your views and thoughts. You can criticize, you can review, you can write your personal life and everything possible. It can really enhance your writing skills as you’ve been stuck to writing on a single topic all these days. Step out!

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  1. Good post which it may increase the quality of blog..I have learnt one thing new from this post..To write anything what we know about the image which we see..Good I will try to improve the same.

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