Introducing Like-Dislike Option In All Your Blog Posts

Ever wondered why your Blog’s no-of-page-views is increasing yet there are no comments from your visitors, not even a note of appreciation ??

The simple answer is some of them are too lazy to fill the comment submission form !! A comment submission form typically asks for your Name,Email, Website, Word-Verification before you could give your comments. For some of us, this may be too much to ask for and this form acts as a deterrent of sorts. We need an equivalent of “Like-Dislike” feature of Facebook.

If you are blogging on Blogger/BlogSpot, you can do it without installing any plugins. Blogger provides a simple way how to go about doing that.

1. Login to using your credentials.

2. On the home page, go to Design, you will end up with a page similar to the following one

3. Click on “Edit” link at the end of “Blog Posts” frame(as indicated by the arrow) and it will open a pop-up for you with page-heading “Configure Blog Posts” as follows

4. Look for a checkbox named “Reactions”(as indicated by the arrow). By default, its disabled. Tick the checkbox, save it and exit.

Now you are all set to have them as part of all your present as well as future blog-posts. Default choices provided by Blogger are

  • Reactions : funny, interesting, cool

but you are free to edit them and choose to have them as per your wish

  • Reactions : Like Dislike No Comments
  • Feedbacks : Good Bad Ugly
  • Appreciations : Good Very Good Excellent

Enjoy having quick comments on your blog posts !!

This post is written by Suman Kumar

I am a lazy techie in day time, a responsible father in evening and a passionate blogger and social-media enthusiast at night


  1. Rohit Batra says:

    great there any plug-in for WordPress and Joomla for this Like-Dis Like button??..Nice Post..:)

  2. Carolinefxs says:

    I’m also looking for a Like/Dislike plugin for WP. Not vote up or down, it has to be stated exactly how many liked it and how many didnt liked it. Really, there are no such functions or plugins out there…ive been looking for years…

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