Video Tutorial – How to Remove Indexed Link from Google Search Engine Easily

Do you know if you have more number of broken links i.e. 404 pages which are indexed in Google Search Engine, your organic ranking might get affected and you may lose many of your search engine readers. So, to avoid this we must remove our broken links from Google Search Engine. In this video tutorial we will learn at the end, how easily we can ask Google to remove a broken link or all links from Google search engine. For that you need to login to your Google Webmaster Tool account and then follow the procedure as in the following video. Hope you will enjoy this video. For any question, suggestion or feedback please leave your comments below.

Thank you watching this video.


  1. Chris howtosection says:

    Recently I had hard time with replytocom links and 404 links on my website, I had to spend the whole day removing these links from webmaster tools.

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