How to use Google Maps when you are Offline?

With new version of Google Maps for Android you can use Google Maps even without Internet connection. Now you don’t have to carry Paper Map again with you when you are outside your network.

New version of Google Maps gives you an option to download and save certain maps by creating cache of original map. Google maps will show your current location using GPS without Internet connection within your cached area, so you can know where exactly you are.

This is a great feature of Google maps which will help you when you traveling, or going abroad.

Use Google maps offline

Go offline with Google Maps in Android

Steps to use Offline feature of Google Maps:

  1. Download and install latest version of Google Maps from Google Play store.
  2. Open Google Maps and search for desired area.
  3. Tap Menu button and then select “Make Available Offline
  4. Now select the area by zoom in and zoom out.
  5. After selecting area, tap “done” to download selected area.
  6. Now you can access that area even you are offline. You can find saved maps under “My Places” by going to offline tab. Use GPS to find current location of yours while traveling in that area.

This service is currently available for more than 150 countries in the world. Google Maps will allow you to download up to six large metro areas on you android phone, so you can access it even you are offline. Also while selecting area for offline browsing, Google maps will show you an estimated data size which you have to download.

More Updated Feature in Google Maps:

Google Maps now have faster and smoother Compass mode for Street View. For this your mobile should support compass and have a gyroscope sensor.

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So next time download and save maps to your device before going to new places so that you don’t have to carry paper maps or even don’t need Internet connection for traveling.

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