Apple’s New iPad – What All You Need to Know

Apple comes up with a new delight for all gadget geeks and freaks. The latest version of their tablet, thenew iPad was recently unveiled and is scheduled to hit stores on March 16, 2012. With a display that the company claims outshines most television sets, this version of the new iPad is being anticipated to set a new benchmark in the competition to deliver digital entertainment on the move.

With the new iPad, users will have the opportunity to go to television broadcasting network websites and watch their favorite shows in high definition for free. Some may also find this as an alternative to their cable service at home.

Apple new iPad

What’s new in New iPad?

The new iPad hosts an array of amazing features with differences with its earlier versions:

  • The most magnificent being its 9.7 inch “Retina Display” which has a mind boggling resolution of 2048 by 1536, as compared to a 1920 by 1080 resolution of a HD TV!!! The result being an absolutely stunning viewing experience on the new iPad, be it HD movies and videos or web pages with smooth and clean texts or photos with crisp and clear details.
  • Another impressive feature is the hardware driving which allows smooth running of all applications and graphic intensive games. The new iPad is installed with a new quadcore A5X system-on-a-chip as compared to dualcore chips on its previous versions.
  • The previous tablets from the Apple household have been confined to 3G networks. The new iPad will have 4G LTE capabilities which means it will allow for superfast downloading speeds.
  • The new iPad will have improved camera and better video capturing capabilities with the new iSight camera of 5 megapixels.
  • There will be a voice dictation feature in the new iPad supporting English, French, German and Japanese. This can be helpful while sending emails as one can avoid a lot of typing on the virtual keyboard or autocorrect hassles.

However physically, the new iPad will be similar to the last model, though it carries a little extra weight and is slightly bit thicker, which in all probability won’t be noticeable. There will be new color choices as apart from the sleek silver shell the new iPad will also be available in black or white. And luckily for those who are upgrading from the previous model, the old accessories will work just fine with the new iPad.

The specifications of the new Apple iPad are as given below.

WEIGHT: 1.44 pounds
THICKNESS: 0.37 inches
DISPLAY SIZE: 9.7 inches
SCREEN RESOLUTION: 264 pixels per inch
RESOLUTION: 2048 X 1536
MEMORY: 512 Mb
STORAGE: 16/32/64 Gb
PORTS: Headphones, data
CAMERA: Two, front & back (NA/5 megapixels)
WiFi: Yes, 802.11, a/b/g/n
CELLULAR: GSM, HSPA and CMDA options, 3G and 4G
GPS: Yes, on 3G, 4G models
MAXIMUM RUN TIME: 9 to 10 hours
MEDIA: Via iTunes

With a range of improved features that are on offer, the new iPad however won’t have a different price range. It will start at $499, the same price as the iPad2 did before it. The price range of the new iPad will be from $499 to $829, depending on various models and storage capacities.

The Apple executives predict that with the launch of this new version, the category that they created with the original iPad will be taken to a whole new level. With a stunning new display and power packed performance under the hood, the new iPad can easily be touted to give not only other tablets in the market but also televisions and personal computers a cut throat competition. How really will this gadget fare with the consumers is now a few days wait for us to see.

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