How to Check Airtel Broadband Internet Usage Limit

Are you Airtel Broadband customer in India and want to check your Airtel broadband data usage for the current plan then in this post you will learn how you can find Internet data transfer limit in your existing Airtel broadband plan. It comes with different data usage limit which you choose during installation and using this method you can also know what is the Airtel broadband download limit for your current billing cycle.

This is a free tool provided by Airtel and this will work only if you have Airtel broadband currently working on your system. Open this link and you can see the following details. The following details are just for reference purpose.
airtel usage manager

Using above method, you can easily know the data usage till date on your Airtel Broadband and you can also check these details in your mobile, smartphone & Tablets if you are connected throgh the modem using Wi-Fi. So this is an online tool to check your broadband usage limit and it is also popular as Airtel Smartbytes.

But There is one issue which Airtel should sort asap! Using this method you can only find the total internet usage limit but you can’t find the daily internet usage amount in the current billing cycle. Hope, Airtel will introduce these feature soon so that we can have an idea on how much data transfer we are doing daily using our Airtel broadband.

One again, Click on check internet usage limit in Airtel broadband.

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