Airtel Broadband Fair Usage Limit Over & Internet Speed Reduced? How to get it Back!

What if you are using Airtel High Speed broadband connection and your fair data usage limit for the current billing plan is over and you have few days remaining for next billing cycle to come? Airtel have fair usage limit policy for every plan that you take. Airtel provides unlimited download for almost every plan but with fair usage limit i.e. once the limit is reached, your current internet speed will be reduced and hence you can’t use your Airtel internet with the same speed.

So, if you want to enjoy the remaining day of the current billing cycle with same speed then you can add additional data limit online without contacting to the customer care. But for this you have to pay extra amount and that will be adjusted into your next billing.

Note: Read this article to check the Airtel Internet usage limit.

To add extra data usage limit in your Airtel Broadband, visit this link. This link will only work for Airtel broadband customers. Finally select yes option and click on submit button.

airtel smartbytes

Once you have submitted, it will open a new page where you have to select the amount of Data usage you want to add for the remaining day in your current billing cycle. Simply select and click on submit button.

airtel usage manager1

Once submitted you will get on-screen message that additional data usage is added. You don’t need to pay at present. The amount will be automatically added to your next bill.

The only benefit of doing this is, you will get back your default Airtel internet speed and with some extra data usage limit. It means if again that data limit is reached in the current billing cycle then the speed again will be reduced automatically and then you have to follow the same process if you want to get same speed. Once your current billing cycle is expired, your new data usage limit with same internet speed will be restored. So, try this method only if you have more days left in current billing cycle.


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