How to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engine Traffic

We all know the benefit of optimizing a blog for search engine traffic, at least we bloggers do. Getting your blog to optimize for traffic from search engines like Google and Bing can bring you targeted audience and drive potential customers your way. But it’s so unfortunate that not all of us know the best practices to driving SEO traffic to a blog.

Since I’ve been blogging for about two years now, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and terrible errors while trying to bring traffic from Google to my blog, and have also learned a lot of significant lessons that will prevent me from making the same mistakes I once made in the past again.

In this blog post, I shall be sharing the ideas I’ve been able to gain from my experience with you and hope you’ll leverage them to build search traffic to your blog.

Use a Light and Organized Blog Design

The first blog I owned had a very terrible blog design, and while I was able to drive certain amount of traffic to it (though small), I never succeeded at making those leads stay, thereby hurting my reputation beforeGoogle.

Google dislikes sites/blogs with terrible designs and can do pretty much anything to make sure that it doesn’t send its users over to such sites.

It’s just like a caring mother. Would a mother love to send her kids to a ugly and disorganized home, when there are other good looking homes within her reach? The answer, as you probably know, is a flat NO!

Google will also not send traffic to blogs with bad designs.

If you want traffic from Google, hire a professional designer and have them do a better redesign of your blog.

Build Backlinks Using Long Tail Keywords

Optimizing for long tail keywords will go a long way to help you get much traffic from Google. Long tail keywords are keywords that bear other small keywords that you do not necessarily need to optimize your site for before getting your site to rank for them on Google.

A good example is “how to make money”, by optimizing your blog to rank for how to make money, you will also see yourself ranking for “how to make money online”, “how to make money sleeping” and other long tail keywords attached to “how to make money”.

Well, seeing that there is a great benefit you can gain by optimizing for long tail keywords, you don’t expect it to be an easy task, do you?

Link to Reputable Sites

It has been proven that the new Google algorithm will go ahead to rank your site by gauging the value of sites you link back to on your blog. If you want to quickly earn the trust of Google, you can begin by always doing research before writing a blog post and then back your points by making references to solid and reputable blogs, by linking to related posts on them.

Try to link to as much sites you can, but don’t overdo it as Google can also impound your search engine traffic if it becomes bogus and unnatural.

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