How to Get Huge Keyword Ideas with Keyword Map Pro Tool

Are you struggling to generate keyword ideas related to specific niche or sub keywords related to a particular keyword? Then today you may solve this problem permanently by trying out this $7 $17 paid Keyword Map Pro Tool which is worth the investment for sure.

There are many free keyword suggestion tool in the market but most of them either takes time to show the results or have limited feature and to get all of their features, you must need to upgrade those tools on a monthly or yearly basis.

But this Keyword Map Pro Tool is one of the easiest and cheapest keyword finder tool which can help you to get huge keyword ideas related to any keyword. Please Keep in mind, this is not a complete keyword research tool. However this tool is looking similar to Google wonder wheel (this tool is dead at present) which shows other keywords related to your main keyword in a mapped structure. If you are looking for a complete keyword research tool, I will suggest you to try Micro Niche Finder.

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To illustrate the working of this Keyword Map Pro tool, I have taken Insurance as a keyword and after running this tool, I got these other related keywords in just 30-60 seconds. So, Once you got a keyword in the map, you can click on it to generate even more related keywords.

KeywordMap Pro

How to Use Keyword Map Pro Tool?

Once you bought this Keyword Map Pro tool, download and install it in your computer. Now open this tool and enter one keyword and click on graph it button. You can check out the following screenshots to understand it.

KeywordMap Pro Tutorial Image1

KeywordMap Pro Tutorial Image2

Now once you have completed the keyword Map Research, you can either save the keyword graph in excel format or the keywords in csv format. For quick use, you can even copy the keywords to your clipword and open any keyword research tool e.g. Micro Niche Finder and paste these keywords to do the proper research about these keywords like keyword competition, domain name availability and much more. You can use these keywords either to start a micro niche website or to write a post for your blog or website.

You can ask your doubt related to this tool, if any.

So, Don’t wait a second & Click Here to Buy this Keyword Map Pro Tool.


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