Monitor any Cell Phone Easily From Your Computer

Mobile spy software is a new technology which allows monitoring any cell phone easily from your own computer. This intelligent software is compatible with I-Phone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows or Symbian OS Smartphone. This software simply tracks the activities of the mobile phone user and maintains the accurate record of it.

Monitor from your own PC:

When a customer purchases the cell phone spy software and installs it onto the mobile phone that they are interested to monitor on, the intelligent software starts its work stealthily without of the user’s knowledge. Since the software is invisible, it cannot be detected by the user at any cost. The customer can adjust the settings of the software in the mobile spy interface according to their monitoring needs.

At the same time, https-SECURED Mobile Spy account would be created for the customer by themselves at the time of purchase. The authorized customer can access the mobile spy account using their login details in any web browser. This logging in feature allows the customer to monitor the user activities through online in real time system. This account will be active all the time and can be helpful to see the phone activity logs without need of having direct access to the mobile phone.

This account holds the complete activities of the target mobile phone. The recorded activities will have the date and time stamp as well. The user can export the logs to any other database for future reference.

This account will display the actual screen of the target mobile phone in the customer’s PC. This secret account keeps the following details of the target phone activity.

Text message:

All the sent and received messages of the target mobile are logged along with text content, date and time stamps along with the phone number.

Call logs:

All received and dialed calls would be saved along with time, date, and call summary and phone number.

GPS location:

Once in every 30 minutes the target phones GPS position would be uploaded automatically into the online account.


The photos and videos saved/captured in the target phone by the user are viewable.

Contacts and Events:

The contacts in the target phone memory will be uploaded with the saved name. The scheduled event, important dates, meetings schedule under the reminder/calendar option can be viewed by the customer.

Browsing History:

The browsing history of the target mobile will be listed in the account. It elaborates each and every page viewed by the user. It provides the download information, online accounts, social network updates, chat history, mail sent /received along with the content.

All these information remains active even if the user has erased everything from the phone memory. The powerful software also works when the target phone is switched off. All this can be done just by sitting in front of your own PC. Hope, the software will help you certainly.

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