Top 3 Tools for Stress-Free Blogging

Web log, more popularly known as a blog, is a personal journal published by people on the internet. The blog consists of entries, better known as ‘posts’ which make up the blog’s content. Most of the time, a blog consists of a single theme and is the work of a single individual with most of the entries revolving around the same topic. Examples include photography, healthy living or earning money online.

As simple as it may sound, writing and keeping the blog updated can sometimes become a tedious task and quite often frustrating. The blogger (person writing the blogs) often faces many problems like keeping and maintaining the blog, writing posts on time and keeping a track of the comments, feedback etc.

To tackle these hindrances, here are three methods that have proven to be successful in most of the cases. Although no magic tricks, these methods, when applied, result in something close to magical; a blogging website that is up to date, crisp and interesting. These qualities are the key factors in making it a big hit and are certainly worth the effort. So what are these three techniques? Read on.

Know your stuff

This is the first and foremost requirement of a good blog. The information found in it is thorough and well researched. People don’t like juggling various websites for searching an information and really appreciate one good, well researched site. Needless to say, they bookmark it and refer to it when needs arise instead of doing the search again. So, for your own good, know about your subject as much as possible. Include details and different angles. Include perspectives and opinions, researches and guest comments, handy tips and well researched advice.

Manage your time

Carefully divide your time according to the tasks required to keep your blog in shape. Tasks required include: moderating comments, reading feeds, checking statistics and so on. Once you know how much time you’ll be spending on these minor tasks, you automatically get more time for what is your main work: blogging.

Write more than you will publish

In most of the cases, bloggers usually write when a sudden inspiration hits them. The idea, however marvelous it may sound, has certain grievous faults. First of all, these inspirations don’t come regularly and may fluctuate with one’s mood. Secondly, writing directly online doesn’t give enough time to look at the story from various angles and thus missing the chance to create more topics from a single one. And lastly, one cannot depend on inspiration alone. So, keep writing whenever you get the time. It doesn’t have to be on site and it doesn’t have to be included in your blog all the time. The aim is to keep the creative juice flowing and getting new and fresh ideas that can come only from practice.

Be it a novice or a seasoned blogger, these basic fundamentals are what keeps them and their blogs going. So step into this magical world armed with the right information and right techniques and success is yours.

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