BSNL Tablet – A Fairly Good Competitor of Aakash Tablet in India

BSNL tablet is being considered to be one of the cheapest tablets that have been produced in this world till date. Since its announcement a few days ago, already one lakh people have booked this tab. Any interested person can easily and simply book BSNL tablet online. However, it is sometimes difficult to find a genuine customer who is willing to buy this tab online.  One can book this tab either via phone or Pantel’s official website. This tab is meant to cater to the low and medium ranged tab space. It has three latest models of tabs.

Features of BSNL tablet

BSNL collaborated with Pantel Technologies, a company based in Noida to manufacture this affordable tab. Its price ranges between Rs.3,499 and Rs.13,500.  It has brought into the market three tabs. One of them has a seven inch screen tab with a resistive screen. It runs by using Android 2.3 operating system. The second tab also has seven inch screen. The third tab has an eight inch screen.

These latest two tabs are highly capacitive and have a slightly high price. This kind of BSNL tablet has been designed in such a way that it benefits the students and meets their needs. As an offer for promoting this tab, BSNL is providing a data download package for free for three months. BSNL also is giving a SIM with 2G facility along with these tablets.

BSNL Tablet Models

The three newly launched models of BSNL tablets include:

• Penta TPAD IS701R
• Penta TPAD WS704C
• Penta TPAD WS804C

Penta TPAD IS701R

The cheapest tab among the three BSNL tab primarily is the Penta TPAD IS701R. It costs around Rs.3,499. It comes along with a data plan of 5GB for a period of 60 days. Consumers can recharge the plan again for Rs.750. This tab comprises of Wi-Fi technology only and has no system of SIM card slot.
BSNL Penta TPad IS701R
However, one can attach a 2G or a 3G USB modem through its USB port. It has Android 2.3 operating system. It has 1 GHz processor with a combination of 256 MB of DDR2 RAM. It can also be connected to HDTV through its HDMI port. Its 7 inch resistive touchscreen has 800*600 resolutions and a 16:9 width ratio screen display.

Penta TPAD WS704C

The medium priced model is Penta TPAD WS704C. It has touch screen that is capacitive. Its specifications are similar to the previous model. However, it offers 3G function through SIM slot. It has inbuilt A-GPS, Bluetooth and accelerometer. It has a 2 MP camera. It also has 512 MB RAM for enhancing faster performance. Its price is Rs.10,999.

BSNL Penta TPad WS704C

Penta TPAD WS802C

The most expensive BSNL tablet introduced so far by Pantel Technologies is Penta TPAD WS802C. It has 8 inch screen and SIM slot too for 2G /3G connectivity. It has fast 1.2 GHz processor along with RAM of 512 MB. Its internal memory is quite big (4GB). Other features of this particular tab includes GPS navigation, Bluetooth, camera etc. It is priced highly compared to others and its price has been fixed at Rs.13,500.
BSNL Penta TPad WS802C

This post is written by Eshan Gangwar

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