Top 5 Outlook 2010 Tips and Tricks

Since the release of Microsoft’s Outlook 2010 software, many people have found it to be a challenging program to understand.  There are so many aspects of this program that are different from the older versions.  Many people have had to turn to guides and instruction manuals to help them navigate the new layout of the program.  While there are many tips out there, here are the top five Outlook tips and tricks that will help you to be much more productive using Microsoft Outlook 2010 software and everything that it has to offer:

Import Contacts From Excel Worksheet

Importing your contacts is not a difficult thing to do. You can actually import them directly from an Excel spreadsheet to your Outlook. Here are a few simple steps that will help you to do it quickly and easily:

  • Make sure that your Excel sheet is in Comma Separated format (this is a requirement)
  • Launch the Outlook 2010 software
  • Choose the File menu, Open, then Import
  • Choose Import from another program of file, then Next
  • Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows)
  • Find the file you wish to import
  • Click Next, then Finish

Customize Your Navigation Pane

The navigation pane appears to the left of your Outlook window.  This pane allows you to navigate easily between different sections, including your emailcalendars, tasks and notes.  The good news is that you can completely customize it to only see and use the menus or tasks you need often.  You will first want to run the software program.  Choose View and then click on Navigation Pane.  From here you will be able to make changes to the pane.  You can change the following:

  • Change the order of specific tools
  • Enable and disable tools
  • Change font style
  • Change font size

Add Email Signatures

If you are familiar with Microsoft Outlook somewaht, then you may already know how to set up an email signature.  What you may not know is that it is a bit different when working with Outlook 2010 than it was with previous versions.  Here are the steps that you will take to change your email signature:

  • Click on Outlook, then Options
  • Click on Mail
  • Find the Create or modify signatures for messages option
  • Click Signatures, then New
  • Type your signature the way that you want it to appear
  • Click OK

Create Quick Steps

One of the best additions in the Outlook 2010 edition is the Quick Steps option.  You can use this to get things done faster when you are using your email.  Here are step by step instructions on how to set up your Quick Steps:

  • Click on Quick Steps
  • Choose Manage Quick Steps

Once you are into the section called Manage Quick Steps, you will be able to change up multi function email settings to meet your needs.  Choose the options that are best suited to your needs, and you will make your experience much easier and quicker.

Send a Text Message

When using Microsoft Outlook 2010, you will find that you can send a text message.  This is a very quick and convenient way to stay in touch with people without having to send an email.  When you are using text messaging through Outlook, it is better if you have a Windows based phone to connect to the computer.  If you do not, then there are many services out there that you can subscribe to that will allow you to pay per text message sent.  In fact, there are many of these services that will offer a free trial of the service so that you can see if you like it before you pay for it.

In Conclusion

Microsoft 2010 combines email, content & Task management all in one easy to navigate software package that will be very hard for the competition to beat. It is the best version so far and one wonders what the future version of Outlook must offer in order to outperform the current one. Make sure you have fast internet speeds to be able to download and upload messages and content when using Outlook. Your emailing experience will never be the same after using Outlook 2010.

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