Top 4 iPhone Apps that Dog Owners Should Consider

Millions of people all around the globe have dogs as pets, and this is a fact. Another fact is that many of these pet owners use iPhones as their main mobile phones, so it is no wonder that there are so many great and practical iPhones apps that dog owners should seriously consider buying or downloading for free. Now, many people often wonder why they would need an app related to pets at all, but there are many reasons for this. In fact, all of the iPhone apps available to dog owners are there to help them be better to their pets, and help them in their everyday lives.

Top 4 iPhone Apps for Dog Owners

Here is a list of 4 very interesting iPhone apps for all dog owners out there:

  1. All Pets Radio – This is probably the best app you can have and use while walking your dog. The app will give you connection to the All Pets Radio, and you will be able to listen to their pat-related news, hear great tips and advice on how to treat your dog and so on. Is there a better radio station to listen to while you and your dog are doing the walking thing every morning and evening?
  2. Off Leash – This is one of the most popular iPhone apps for pet owners who often travel with their pets. Namely, the app is designed to tell you where the closest off-leash parks are located after you have entered the zip code of the area you are in. Also, you can count on the app giving you directions on how to get to the park in question, as most people use the app when in a new environment.
  3. Cesar Says – There is probably no dog owner in the world that wouldn’t want to have Cesar Millan teaching them how to be a pack leader and how to take care of their beloved canine friend. Well, this app will ensure that you have Cesar’s pearls of wisdom right in your hands, as well as his famous warning noise by shaking your iPhone. Well, if this isn’t the perfect way to learn how to be the pack leader, than nothing is.
  4. Dog First Aid – This is an app that absolutely every dog owner should have on their iPhone, providing that they are not a veterinarian and already know everything about first aid. This app will keep you informed and calm in situations when you dog needs medical attention. You will be able to know what to do, and be sure that your dog will be well taken care of until you get him or her to the veterinarian.

iPhone Apps for Dog Owners – Free or Paid

Owing to the fact that all of the iPhone apps which are practical enough can really help you in many situation and even crisis, it is safe to say that you should never avoid getting an app only because you will have to pay for it. After all, the prices of these handy apps are not that high, and you stand to benefit greatly from buying them.

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  1. i see cesar and the off leash apps aren’t there anymore. any idea what has replaced them or if they will return? thanks!

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