Sony New 3G Tablets : Tablet S & Tablet P

Sony launched WI-FI enabled, S and P models featuring Android platform. Sony Tablet S features a large 9.4 inch screen that offers rich media entertainment. It is light, boasts a unique asymmetry design. Sony Tablet P features innovative dual 5.5 inch display that can be folded for maximum portability.

Sony new 3g tablets will be the first tablet available in 3G version to have dual screen that can be folded. The duel screen can be used as single and also for two separate functions.  The tablet will be launched at price of Rs. 36,990. According to the company, Sony new 3g tablets are compatible with DLNA. So, users can connect their tablet with other DLNA supporting devices such as DLNA compatible TV and speakers.

Sony P Tablet

Sony P Tablet is ideal for mobile communication entertainment. It has good build quality and features nice custom apps. Its innovative wedge design makes it look cool and stylish. Its unique dual screen and Android3.2 OS are appealing features.
Sony Tablet P

Tablet P will be featured with NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. It comes with dual 5.5 inch display, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB internal storage and 4G/WI-FI. It will be light weight as It is expected to weigh 370 gm only. It is based on Google’s Android platform.

The new Sony Tablets, equipped with the latest Android OS, offer an engaging entertainment experience. It has many unique features such as wedge shaped and wallet design, swift and smooth web browsing experience, first play station certified Tablet, dual, foldable screen. These tablets promise to deliver the perfect combination of hardware, content and network and seamless entertaining experience. It is user friendly, incredibly smooth performance with stylish unusual design.

Sony tablet P besides offering an unusual wedge shaped design has a dual display folding design. Each screen is 5.5 inches in diameter with high resolution. So, text in pin sharp, colors are vibrant and offer bright displays. The best feature of this dual screen is that the displays can be used together or independently. Each has touch screen, you can pinch to zoon etc. It works smoothly.

Sony S Tablet

Leading manufacturer Sony’s s tablet is likely to hit the market. The uniqueness of Sony s Play station Tablet is that it is the combo of full blown media and gaming tablet.


It has Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system and NVIDA duel core Tegra 2 processor. It is designed similar to a candy bar and comes with in-built antenna. It has 9.4 inches multi touch capacitive LCD wide screen with high resolution. Besides these features, it boasts with number of new features such as WI-FI facilities, WAN both 3G and 4G, DLNA capabilities, USB ports capable of accepting USB thumb drives and other such services. It is user friendly and easy to use.

Sony s Play station Tablet offer hassle free browsing experience as it supports HTML, XTML and Flash. In addition, Email, GTalk, Instant messaging, predictive text input features are also available. Other common features like calculator, calendar, and alarm are also available in this amazing tablet.

Sony s Play station Tablet has an array of other features like front and rear camera and one of them immobile, Video recording, video capturing and calling facilities, streaming audio and video, YouTube player, MP3 supportive music player, Video playback, voice recording etc.

It looks classy and has elegant design. It has a touch of Sony and apps are user friendly. It runs smooth and benefit of that TV remote and access to games, video and music.

Overall, Sony s and P Tablets look good and feel great to hold. Both tablets will available from mid Jan 2012.

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