How to Get the Best Design for Your Blog

Every blogger starts out with simple themes and once he gains a critical audience and starts generating revenue, the next thing on his mind is getting his blog redesigned and improve the brand value of the blog. What most bloggers do is just find a designer, tell them what they need and once when the design comes up, they tweak it, finally code it and implement it. Have you noticed where the big flaw is in this entire process?

The blog owner designs the blog as per his wishes and dreams. May be he liked some other blog and wanted to get a design like that. But there is a major mindset problem here… bloggers should understand that the blog is not about them but about their readers. Each blog deserves a different kind of design according to the industry it is in. Technology blogs will needs a clean and minimalist design… because readers of technology blog spend more time online and they understand that only content quality matters and the design does not determine the quality of the blog.

However consider an Automobile blog – readers of this blog do not spend as much time online as tech blog readers and visit the blog via search engines and social media. For this kind of reader category; design is a little more important. A good blog design will increase the perceived value of the blog and readers will feel that the content is of better quality subconsciously.  This is especially useful in converting new visitors to regular readers. Good design also matters in attracting high profile advertisers like automobile manufacturers.

How I Got the Best Design For My Blog

I run a blog in the automobile category and I would like to narrate my story of how I got the best design for my blog. Firstly, I understood that I need a design which is preferred by my readers and not me.

The only solution was to design more than two themes and ask my readers to choose one from them. Asking readers what they want will not help because they cannot tell you what kind of blog design they want unless you post a couple of them and ask them to choose.

After a few days of researching I found In that website you can pay an amount for the design of the blog and they will conduct a competition. If you pay more then more designers will participate in the competition. According to your expectations each designer will design a theme for your blog and post it. You can also ask for some revesions. For $500 you will get 10-15 designs approximately. The best thing about this website is that if you do not like any design they will refund your deposit 100% and you can choose to conduct another competition.

What I did was, I posted each design on my Facebook fan page and asked my followers whether they liked it or not. I simply chose the design which was most voted for, got it coded and implemented it. I had to spend $500 for the design and another $500 for coding. It was costly but I am sure it was a worthy investment. Now I have got a blog design which I am sure that my users like it and I need not be in the uncertainty pool. This blog design will serve for a few more years and again it would need some tweaking as blogging technology and trends take a shift in the marketplace.

Hope you liked my post, leave your thoughts about my post in the comments.

Deepak Raj

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