Verify Paypal Account with EntroPay Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

Entropay Virtual credit card (VCC) is one of the best way to verify Paypal account if –

1) You don’t have an actual credit card issued by Bank.

2) If your debit card is not getting accepted by Paypal.

Also, you can use this entropay VCC to buy anything online because it will work as an actual credit card.

Do you know? You can also use HDFC Netsafe VCC to shop online anytime.

Once you have created Entropay virtual credit card, then you will get 16 digit card number, 3 digit CVV number and validity date of your credit card as shown below. So, you can use these information and buy anything online.

Entropay Virtual Credit Card

Before you can add your Entropay Virtual credit card in Paypal, you need to load money from your bank account.

To add your Entropay virtual credit card, Login to your Paypal account then Go to

My Account > Profile > Add/Edit Credit card

and click on Add a card button on that page. Now, at the next page, you have to fill your first name and then select card type “VISA” and then fill all the details of entropay virtual credit card which you have created. Finally select the billing address and click on add card button.

Once your Entropay virtual credit card is successfully added into your paypal account, Paypal will debit a small amount from your credit card which will be credited back to your credit card within next 2 days once your entropay credit card is verified. This process is usually done to ensure that you are adding your own authorized credit card.

So, wait for 2-3 days to see the transaction of Paypal in entropay credit card statement. Once the transaction is successfully added into your entropay statement, it will look like the following where you can see the 4 digit Paypal transaction code.

Entropay Paypal Code

So, Once you got this 4 digit number, you need to login to your paypal account and then click on the verify card link and enter this number and finally get verified and once your verification is done, it will take another 2 days to credit that small amount back into your entropay virtual credit card that will look like:

Entropay Paypal Refund

Note: If you have saw the above two screenshot carefully then you might have noticed that Paypal have deducted USD 2.06 on Dec 2, 2011 but they deposited $1.97 on Dec 6, 2011. Now you may ask why there is a difference? So, the main difference in these amount is Euro to Dollar conversion. Earlier on Dec 2 , USD 1 = Euro 0.7282 but on Dec 6, it was USD 1= Euro 0.7614 and that’s why I received less amount.

If you have any doubt while following any step, kindly leave your response below. So, Hope you learned the process of verifying Paypal account with Entropay Virtual Credit card (VCC).


  1. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    I have a SBI Maestro Card, can I use it with Entropay ?

  2. Friend, I created a Entropay account but I can not check it in the Paypal message appears that says my card is spelled wrong. I think this is because the card number has several xxxxxxxx in the middle.
    Help me and thanks!

    • PankajGupta says:

      That XXXXX is added everywhere to secure the information of your credit card. You can try again. Add your entropay card in Paypal with exact information.

  3. Vijaya Biju says:

    I have a Bank of Baroda debit card.The debit card is not verified with paypal.
    Is it fine to use the entropay?
    Will BOB card support entropay and how much funds have to be transferred for the charge?
    I already received payment in my paypal account and would like to know as how to verify the debit card?
    Please help me.

    • PankajGupta says:

      I think there is approx 5% additional fee on any amount you upload on entropay but the minimum amount is $20. You can not verify your debit card. What you can do is create an account in entropay and load money from your BOB card and once that money is loaded successfully, you can use that entropay virtual credit card for payment procedure.

      Now if you have not yet added your bank account with Paypal you can do it with few simple steps. Read the following posts:
      Verify Paypal account with Bank.

      Let me know if you have any doubt.

  4. I used netsafe to create a virtual card. Despite getting the card verified, i was unalbe to send any payments. I also contacted the paypal customer service(which btw is terrible) and was told that they donot accept virtual cards. Would you be able to advice how to go around this?


  5. Can i use entropay vcc to buy the products online ?
    Reply me ASAP.
    Thank you.

  6. Hi Pankaj Sir, I was using SBI Debit Card for loading funds to Entropay. Lastly on 30 July, I successfully completed the transcations. But now I get error when loading Funds to Entropay. My atm card is the old Atm Cum Debit Card Type, not the new Visa enabled one.

    Please help!!!

    • Hello
      I bought a card from one of the Web sites, but when you want shipped Talibony a very large amount of
      How do I shipped and manage myself
      Thank you

  7. Hello
    I have a card entropay virtual visa card someone delusional unearthed me a fee,
    but do not know how to charge it or manage

  8. I have questions.
    While signing up for paypal, which country I should select so that when I put Entropay VCC details (Name, ADDRESS) then these both could coincide each other.
    Also, What address should be used while giving entropay VCC details?

    • PankajGupta says:

      It should be your Country because you will load fund to entropay account using your Country’s Bank Account. Isn’t it?

  9. Hi! PankajGaupta I’m anxious about can we transfer fund to paypal from entropay. If it does i’ll definitely follow your suggestion.

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