5 Tips for SEO Article & Content Writing

SEO, or Search Engine Optimized basically means that keywords have been added into an article in various areas, while still sounding natural to the reader. Keywords are what search engines use to find results for web pages, articles and etcetera on the Internet. Strategic placement of keywords along with the proper keyword density can make someone’s web page climb to the top of search results through various search engines. It is good when someone’s web pages, articles, blog posts, etcetera rise to the top of web page results because more people will visit the page. More visits to a website or blog post that is setup with advertisement revenue will generate more income.

In order to set up a website or blog post for optimal SEO content, there are some things to do first. First of all, the writer needs to decide how they are going to structure the page. Adding words to a web page with certain city or state specific names will draw those specific residents or people interested in those areas to the page. Other methods someone might want to try are to add keywords that are relevant to the article or subject that they are writing. Also, it is important to try to use words that are searched frequently. This ensures that interested readers will find the page you are writing due to the correct keyword.

Other tips involve placing keywords in the correct places. Placing keywords in the right places will also help the web page, blog, etcetera to place higher in the search results. There are two main places that keywords are usually added. The first place is the web page header. When search engines are looking for results, information in a web page header will be looked at so this is a great choice when inserting keywords. Another typical place to insert keywords is into the web page or blog title. The title of a page is another area that is ideal for inserting keywords. When a search engine performs a search, this is the second main place that is browsed for the key words.

Final tips for adding more keywords to an SEO article are to add outbound links into the article page, blog post, and etcetera. Adding relevant keywords to outbound links will help in assisting traffic to the person’s website or page as well. Basically, this increases the relevance of the specific keywords and the search engine will also show pages containing outbound links that link to the person’s website, blog post or other web page.

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