My Personal Review on Online Marketing Distance Learning Program by Innobuzz

Last week I received “Online Marketing Distance Learning Program” by Innobuzz. I have heard good about courses of innobuzz solutions and so thought to review this Online Marketing Distance Learning Course because I was curious to know what innobuzz is offering in this course. Since I love online marketing so thought to try it out to see if it’s really worth or not.

Although this is the only study material but they have covered every key aspect which you will need to learn Online Marketing. This book is presented in the form of presentation i.e. they have discussed the key points.

They have covered everything in 9 Chapters..

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Search Engine Optimization
Chapter 3: Social Media Marketing
Chapter 4: Pay Per Click Advertising
Chapter 5: Email Marketing
Chapter 6: Adsense
Chapter 7: Analytics
Chapter 8: Reputation Management
Chapter 9: Content Marketing

You can checkout this introductory Video about this Online Marketing Course.

Now let me give you brief introduction about each of the chapters inside this course material.

In Chapter 1 they have introduced SEO, Web ranking, Ranking Algorithms, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing and basics of web design. Chapter 2 is all about Search Engine Optimization, they have discussed about Keyword Research and Analysis, On Page OptimizationOff Page Optimization, Black Hat SEO & its penalities, latent semantic indexing, sandbox effect and some useful SEO tools. In Chapter 3 you will learn about advantages & disadvantages of Social Media, what are the strategies involved in SMM, how to attract users to your business including detailed information about facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube & google and how you can use social sites to increase your productivity.

In chapter 4 they have targeted Pay per click advertising. You will learn how it is different from Search Engine Optimization and how with/without SEO you can acheive your goals. If you are doing PPC then you will also learn about Landing pages, what are the factors involved in creating a landing page and how doing split testing, you can increase your coversion. In PPC, Adwords & Facebook Ads are leading the online industry and so you will learn how to increase conversions using adwords and Fb ads and what are the basics. In chapter 5,they have discussed about email marketing and their rules. Also you will learn how to build your email list, what are the components of a good email, How to write Email to increase ROI and some free email marketing newsletter programs. In chapter 6 you will learn about Google Adsense program. How to get approval, what are the adsense rules, how to increase the revenue generation, optimization and much more.

In Chapter 7 you will learn about Analytics and why they are important for every websites. You will also learn about Google Analytics & Clicky Analytics program. Chapter 8 is about PR and reputation management. You will learn about Press Release. Chapter 9 talks about Content marketing and how content marketing is an effective tool for online marketing. Also you will learn about writing startegies, SEO, Monetization strategies, Social Media & its use and much more.

I completed reading this course material in few hours and after reading everything, I found that this course is very useful for newbies who want to Learn Online Marketing but If you are already in this field and working online then this book is not for you. Although it will add little information to your knowledge but for beginner this course is worth every penny. They also have classroom based training program and if you are comparing these two format of training then Classroom based training will have better impact than Distance Learning. But again those who can’t attend their classroom based training, can learn well with distance education.

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