How to Solve Domain Name Server ( DNS Propagation ) Problem

Have you bought a new domain name and changed its default domain name server values and waited long hours before it can validate the new changes? Is this process annoying to you? Do you want to reduce the DNS propagation time as less as possible? Then don’t worry. I am going to share a small trick which you can use whenever you change your domain nameserver to a new value. Simply go through the following steps and the new name server changes will start working for you immediately.

For Example : Suppose you registered a new domain name on different domain name provider and web hosting from different provider & want to install wordpress or any other script to start your website as quickly as possible, But what happen most of the time is that, you need to change the default domain name server to the new nameserver provided by your web hosting company and it takes usually few hours (or upto 24-48h) before it can work. Now this process is very time consuming and sometime very irritating.

How to Solve Domain Name Server ( DNS Propagation ) Problem?

Step 1: Close all your browsers.

Step 2: Open Command Prompt in your Windows OS. ( Press windows key + R and type CMD and hit enter key)

Step 3: Now type the following command in CMD.

ipconfig /flushdns

and press enter key.

Step 4: Restart your windows operating system. [ Optional ]

Step 5: Open your internet browser and access the website URL which you want to open.

Now this time you will see the website after effect with updated nameserver.

For Example:

If you have installed wordpress and you will see default wordpress blog.

Or, if you have installed any script, you will see the default page of that script.

Or, if nothing installed you will see the default page of your hosting.

So, Hope you understood the above process. Next time follow this simple step and never wait for DNS propagation for long time.

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