How to Delete Friend List in New Facebook

Have you organized your facebook friends in many list and now you think that you need to delete some of your facebook friend list to arrange them in a better way? Don’t worry, deleting a friend list will not delete your facebook friends, only the list will be removed.

It’s always advisable to organize our facebook friend list so that we can check their all updates at once without any distraction.

Login to your facebook & open home page. See in your left side bar. You will find an option called Lists. Click on that to expand it.

Now click on the friend list which you want to delete and it will open that list in new page with latest updates of the members inside that. Don’t click on Pencil icon.

Now click on Manage List option on right top of the page and click on Delete list from the drop down list and it will ask again for confirmation.

Keep in mind, Once deleted you can not recover that list but you can create that list again but you have to add the members manually. Finally you have delete your facebook friend list.


  1. This is a great idea. I usually group my friends into different categories and one category comprise the friends that I don’t know. But before deleting any list, I would assess which could be my potential customer. It’s a tough and time consuming task though.

  2. My lists dont have the delete option    they only have  rename, add  or choose

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