First Birthday Giveaway – Get a Chance to own Apple iPod shuffle 2GB

Hi, It’s me Blogdefined. Do you know today is my first happy birthday? I am very excited today that I have completed my first year successfully. I am very thankful to you all that you made my first year very successful than expected. Please keep visiting my home every day and wish me for better improvement.

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I am so happy that I want to give Apple iPod shuffle 2GB to one lucky person. You just have to follow the following few steps to participate in this giveaway.

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Kindly leave the status URL from Twitter & Facebook in the comment box below so that I can easily recognize the participants in this giveaway. If you don’t want to participate then kindly share this post with your friends on facebook & twitter so that they can get a chance to own Apple iPod Shuffle. The Lucky winner will be contacted via email on 17th October.

One Lucky Winner will be chosen  randomly using

Thank you All !

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  1. Krishnaverma2006 says:

    Wishing a very prosperous happy birthday to
    I am also in:
    All the best Pankaj

  2. A very Happy Birthday to you.

  3. Vijay Chak says:

    I have completed all the above steps. Hope will win it. 

    Twitter –!/vijayrc/status/123760878792359936
    Facebook –
    Gplus – +1 

  4. Looks like my Suggestion is selected for the prize.. I have also completed 1 year recently.. we started off same time you have reached too far Pankaj and I am still crawling..!/rohitbatra14/status/123802102324674560 Good Luck for the Long Way Ahead Pankaj.. :)

  5. Edemilson Ferreira da Silva says:
  6. Thanks, subscribed and shared on twitter (i don’t have FB)!/LukerLove/status/123839607367405569

    Count me in pls :)

  7. Suresh peters says:
  8. Plaban Manna says:
  9. Saket Jajodia says:

    I was expecting iPad3 but what to say.. Anyways for now I will try to workout with this but don’t forget to give iPad3 as it comes.. And let me know the date I am going to courier it to me..  ;) And Congo..!!

  10. shenoyjoseph says:
  11. Jeet Dholakia says:

    Hey wish you more and more success in coming days…
    Happy Birthday..!!
    great to participate in this contest and specially its a Apple product.
    all steps done please count me in.

    Twitter :!/jeet_dholakia/status/123807461332369408
    Facebook :
    Google Plus :

    Thank you and god bless you.

  12. Burdulea Leonard says:
  13. Kizz_20002000 says:
  14. Deepakgarg08 says:
  15. Geekspalace says:
  16. Sai Praveen says:

    Happy Bdayyyy Long live :-D!/XamResults/status/124159249780711424

    Already Subscribed to eMail ALerts :-P

  17. Anvesh Mupparaju says:
  18. Sandipan Mukherjee says:

    Happy Birthday to BlogDefined. Congrats Pankaj…you are doing a great job.

  19. Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi says:
  20. Digital Imagination says:
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  22. FreebiesBuzz says:

    we have posted your giveaway on our popular blog so that you can get more participants as well as visitors. Hope so it works fine for you. 

    Please do take time to check out @

  23. Sriram Umashankar says:
  24. Sumon Seleem says:

    Congrats Pankaj! Wish you all the best in future and thanks for such a nice giveaway.
    Count me in!!/smseleem/status/124192372576894977

  25. Abhijith vm says:
  26. Ankit Kumar says:
  27. Hemanth Kumar G says:

    all the best and thank u for the First Birthday Giveaway!!!!
    google+ added!/HEMANTH4U2/status/124545700469018624
    and  subscribed to newsletter 

  28. Hemanth Kumar G says:
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  33. Austin Baroudi says:
    • PankajGupta says:

      Thank you for your share but our birthday is on October 11 and this post is approx a year old.