The Inside Look of Google Analytics Real Time Beta

Google Analytics have already launched Real time feature on Sept 29, 2011 to see the live visitors activities on your website every second. Once Real time feature is activated on your Google analytics account, you can see the visitors activity live on your dashboard including Top referrals, Top active pages, Top Keywords & Top Locations on real time.

To activate Google Analytics real time, you have to apply for real time feature. You can see the Google analytics real time working live in your new version of analytics.
So after login to Google analytics, don’t forget to switch to new analytics. Click on Dashboard tab & click on Real-Time beta option.

(You will only find this option once Google analytics real time is activated on your account. If not, apply for the same.)

The above is the pageview screenshot which will keep changing every second & minutes based on the traffic on your website.

Using Top Location, you can see the location of the visitors on real time.

Counter Represents the total number of visitors on your website including your visits ( if your website is open in your browser) with new & returning visitors ratio.

Top Keywords section represents the keywords used in Organic searches.

So I think now you don’t need to use visitor counter to see the total number of visitors on real time. You can simply login to your Google analytics dashboard and can get all the details which these tools can not offer.

Following is the full look of Google Analytics Real Time Dashboard.


  1. Be nice when they actually make it available to everyone.

    Any idea how long we have to wait before it goes live?

  2. I was seeing this topic on many blogs since so many days but this is certainly worth reading pankaj

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