10 Simple but Powerful Twitter Tools for Business Users

With so many available Twitter tools and apps out there, it is hard to pick the right ones. Some are pretty robust and pricey, but if you’re just starting to use social media to gain more visibility for your brand and attract new leads and customers, you may be running on a tight budget. Not only that, you can find yourself completely lost in that jungle of apps.

Here is the list of 10 handy, easy to use, free apps to get you started on the right track:

1) Twellow

twellowTwellow is one of the best directories of Twitter users who are classified in hundreds of categories to help you find people who matter to you. Use Twellow robust search features to find influencers in your industry or relevant Tweeters to follow.

2) Friend or Follow

friend or follow

Friend or Follow  lets you know who’s not following you back on Twitter. Also your mutual friends and who follows you but you don’t follow them back. Sometimes, as you are growing your follower base,  it is good to check who started to follow you without your noticing it. You may be surprised with what you learn.

3) TwUnfollow


TwUnfollow sends you an email when one or more of your followers stop following you. This is one of the most reliable and greatest services for spotting unfollowers. To start getting notifications from TwUnfollow, visit the website, sign in with your Twitter username and click the button “Allow” to authorize the app to access your account.

4) Twitter Feed

twitter feed

Twitter Feed publishes your blog or RSS feed directly to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. To set up feeding your blog to Twitter, create a Twitterfeed account and add your feeds. Then follow your feed stats in real time! Another useful feature is that Twitterfeed supports geo-tagging in tweets when posting to Twitter.

5) TweetReach


TweetReach helps you to find out how many people your tweets are reaching. This is a good way to see who helped to you to spread the word. The free plan lets you check your latest 50 tweets. The report will also show you how your tweets are divided between regular tweets, replies and retweets.

6) Tweriod


Tweriod helps you to make the most of Twitter by letting you know the best time to tweet. How does it work? Tweriod takes the list of your Twitter followers and analyzes their last 200 tweets. Then it generates the report based on when your followers tweet every day. The good thing to know is that Tweriod uses the time zone you have on your Twitter profile to generate reports. When you get the report, you will see when your followers are most active during the day and will be able to start tweeting when your tweets are most likely to get noticed.

7) HashBattle

hashtag battle

HashBattle compares the popularity of two hashtags on Twitter. Sometimes when you are not sure which hashtag to use for your tweet, use this website. If more users are using it, then more users are probably searching for it. This tool helps you to use the right hashtag to get more exposure for your tweets.

8) Loud Twitter

loud twitter

Loud Twitter makes it easy to find tweets that include specific phrase or term. Search for the domain name, person or your keywords. Simply enter your text in the search field and press the button “Search”. In a moment you will get a list of tweets and tweeters who mention it. Try, for example, “blogging ideas”.

9) Tweet Grader

tweet grader

Tweet Grader analyzes your Twitter profile and shows how influential you are on Twitter compared to millions of other users. You can also check the influence of your competitor or any other Tweeter.

10) Follower Wonk


FollowerWonk is a tool for serious and savvy users. It has lots of handy features like:

  • Search Twitter users using information from their bio field. For example, you can search users who use the word “blogger” in their biographies.
  • Search Tweeters by location or name
  • Restrict results by numbers of friends or followers.
  • Compare up to three users. For example, compare your social graph to major competitors or industry leaders.
  • Analayze competitors’ or friends’ followers. This is one of the best ways to analyze both competitors’ followers and whom they follow.

About the Author:
Goranka Radojcic is a web marketing specialist. In her free time she writes Internet i Marketing in Serbian language.

This post is written by Goranka Radojcic

I am a web marketing specialist. In my free time I write Internet Marketing blog in Serbian language. I am passionate about tech, Internet, social media, travel and my Kindle.


  1. These are indeed great Twitter tools to use for a business. I have used some of them and Twitter Feed is one of my mostly used tools. It’s very helpful in connecting my blogs to social networking sites and enabling my friends to follow it and spread the word– a very good way to attract potential customers.

  2. defintely cool add-ons

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