Advertising – Is It Still Working As A Money Maker?

Is monetizing your blog by selling advertising a dead avenue for making money out of your blog? With the recent economic downturn, many companies have revised their advertising budgets. More and more companies are leveraging social media for free product and service advertising. This article examines whether advertising is dead as a revenue generator for blogs, or is this option still worth pursuing.

The Argument Against Advertising

Online advertising banners tend to take reader attention away from your blog to advertisers’ sites. While this can earn you advertising revenue, readers won’t spend much time on your blog if they’re distracted by advertising. As a result, you lose readership and the other options of revenue that can be exploited by building reader relationships. The other aspect is that when you sell Ads directly to advertisers, you have to invest time into administration activities that can be better used in building your blog.

Alternative Revenue Option: Using Blogs To Sell Products

Several marketers now believe that there’s more money in selling products than in selling advertising. This is a viable alternative option, as you can sell your own products and services, or earn commissions by promoting affiliate products.

While the fate of advertising as a potential runner for high income is not decided yet, bloggers should look towards other potential revenue streams. It is possible to sell products and services in conjunction with selling advertising to sustain a healthier income mix.

However, bloggers have realized that selling products from known companies is more successful than promoting one’s own products. Unless your blog has a major cult following, your own products may not sell well with your audience.

Why it is Worthwhile to Retain Advertising in your Income Mix

Advertising, traditionally, has always been part of a blogger’s income mix. It used to be the main source of revenue in the early days of blogging, with Adsense. Bloggers that engage in advertising network income and direct advertising sales still count advertising as 50% of their income.

Several bloggers that rely heavily on advertising revenue have the opinion that advertising budgets have reduced in specific niches. However, certain niches show a definite increase in the budgets that companies allot. For example according to research coupons and discount sites like, TRX and Diamonds USA coupons is expected to go beyond expectations. Experts expect a lot with these niches are these are ever green ones! The economy is also improving and it’s likely that online advertising budgets might return to their previous levels. Both large and small companies now realize online media’s potential to reach and convert target audiences. The popular feeling is still that online advertising will bounce back to reach or exceed previously known levels.

Manage Advertising Creatively

It’s possible to weave advertising into your blogging activities creatively without slapping banners everywhere. You can launch sponsored competitions on your blog. You can earn revenue by publicizing a company’s products this way. Your users will not be diverted to Ad sites, nor be put off because of ugly banners.

You can also solicit advertisers to pay for Ads in newsletters, if you have a healthy mailing list of your fan following. You can also get companies to sponsor particular posts. For example, you might be able to convince a company to sponsor a content series on industry-related topics. Your content sponsors cannot tell you what to write, but they can have their name mentioned in the post for publicity.

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  1. Great article about advertising. As a business owner, I advertise my own products and I say that creative advertising is a plus in any business whether we want to have it in our blogs or in another blog. Any business owner who have good experience in advertising can surely tell how important creativity can be in terms of advertising.

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