How to Save Money On Your Business Phones

Business phone systems based on VOIP technologies are saving businesses a lot of money. At the same time, they are providing better communications for business, their providers and their clients. Video calling has become very popular with consumers and business alike. You are using VOIP-based business phone systems all the time. Each time you contact a call centre in your country, you are actually being directed through a business VOIP system to a representative who lives and works in a country where the costs of employing those people are much cheaper.

This is why those representatives all have an Indian or Philippino accent. Some man argue this is taking jobs away from the more developed economies, but on the other hand, business is able to provide better services to us. As for our own smartphone and business phone use, we need to manage our own costs. There are a number of ways you and your people can do this.

  • Smartphone. Investment in a good smartphone will mean your calls are better, and you can communicate longer. If your smartphone does not have a high-powered processor, and good receptive capabilities, your use of VOIP and business phone systems will be plagued with problems. The soon-to-be-released Windows 8 operating system promises great improvements in the world of better smartphones. Until now, we have been limited by the poorly performing Symbian operating system, the Android phone which is plagued with problems, the Blackberry and it’s lack of flexibility, and the best-performing phone, the iPhone, which is not a Windows based phone. The Windows Phone was a disaster.

The Windows 8 operating system will run on all devices, and this will mean we will see a huge boom in the market and number of phones running on Windows compatible operating systems. The best smartphone is still the iPhone, and many in the smartphone business are looking forward to the multi-platform capabilities of the soon-to-be-released operating system. Windows 8 will be the same operating system for all devices and will make it much easier to integrate every application into a smartphone because the same applications for your business phone system and person computer will be the same operating system as your smartphone. Having the right smartphone that can truly handle VOIP and your business phone system will require investment, and it will require less investment with the release of Windows 8.

  • Free Wireless Hotspots. Free wireless hotspots are fast becoming a requirement of many service-based businesses. A coffee shop that does not have free wireless will not have any business. Most international and domestic terminals have free wireless hotspots. You should use these where possible to connect to your business phone system and VOIP services. This way, you are not paying the internet fees.
  • Encourage Clients and Providers. There are some very simple ways to save real money. If you and your clients are using the same application, such as Skype, you do not even need to pay anything other than the cost of the internet. This way, you avoid many complications and cost. Simple and very cost-effective. You would have to be stupid not to be taking advantage of this.
  • 3G Wifi and Internet Plans. It is important you have the best 3G data-connection plan possible. This will need to include roaming, or you will need to switch SIM cards per country. Pre-paid SIM cards do not normally have very good rates for their data connections.

Train and educate yourself and your people on how to use your VOIP and business phone system on the move, and make sure you are not wasting precious company resources.

Author Bio: Tom Mallet is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including Windows 8 and Business phone systems.

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