How to Save & Delete Twitter Searches – New Feature by Twitter

Do you know, Now you can save your twitter searches. Twitter have added one more feature where you can search any thing on twitter and save it in your profile so that later you can open that search to find the interesting stuff. It will really help you to save your time.

But there is a limitation. You can only save 25 searches in your twitter account. If you want to save more twitter searches then you have to delete your old saved twitter searches.

With this new feature, you can easily save your searches in twitter and also can delete later if required.

How to Save Twitter Searches

Once you have searched anything in twitter then along with search results, you will also see “save this search” button. Just click on that button to save it.

Once you have saved your twitter searches then you can any time see those list by going to home page and clicking on searches tab. All the searches will be shown in the dropdown list.

How to Delete Twitter Searches

As I already said above that you can only save 25 searches so if you want to delete the searches, go to home page and click on searches tab then it will open the list. You have to select each saved searches manually to delete. So simply open any search and click on “remove saved search” link and it will delete that saved results. This is how you can remove the searches easily from your twitter account.

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So, I think this is the productive feature introduced by twitter and it will really help the regular users of twitter. What do you think?

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